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"...Dark Souls and its predecessor may be the most definitive example of what makes a videogame “Hardcore.” There will be many deaths and many flaring tempers that may require a day or two of meditation to attempt jumping back in, but like an abusive lover, Dark Souls wins you back every time just before it delivers another bitch-slap to your face…and you just may learn to love it."

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Virus2012461d ago

I've been thinking about buying this game or Forza 4.

This holiday gaming season is killing my wallet.

Tanir2461d ago

all these games are killing the wallets of gamers :P

I personally love dark souls, it will kill more than your wallet lol.

Virus2012461d ago

I loved Demon's Souls. I couldn't stop playing it when I bought that game.

zerocrossing2461d ago

So true!

I just beat Drak Souls last night, Im dying to play new game+ lol ;D

Tanir2461d ago

then you will love dark souls equally aswell or more.

there is a way to do almost infinite pvp. a certain covenant puts u in a Queue so when anyone is farming in a certain spot your sent to stop it. its pretty awesome :P

JellyJelly2461d ago

If you like driving games Forza 4 offers boatloads of content and amazing gameplay, both online and offline. It's addictive like few other games I've played.

grahf2461d ago

If you have Redbox in your area, rent DS first. It truly isn't for everyone, despite all the arguments on both sides of the "Its too hard!" fence. After $2 and a few hours I knew it WAS for me and bought it the next day.

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zerocrossing2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

double post :/

BlackTar1872461d ago

dude game is so much fun. I am about to beat it for the first time just trying to get some slabs so i can complete the trophies.

zerocrossing2461d ago

GOTY imo ;D

Good luck slab hunting!

BlackTar1872461d ago

Mine too.

Going to be hard to beat