A Tribute to Skyward Sword and Games With The Most Innovative Controls Ever

Skyward Sword is already receiving rave reviews and being touted as the pinnacle of motion controlled gaming. In honor of Skyward Sword we take a look back at the most innovative control schemes throughout gaming's history.

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Relientk772282d ago

Skyward Sword is gonna be sick. Can't wait to be playing it with my gold Wiimote.


Khordchange2282d ago

Skyward Sword just sounds so awesome, glad I preordered!

Canary2282d ago


Zelda games have always had good soundtracks, but I'm willing to bet Skyward Sword will far surpass ~all~ the others.

ChickeyCantor2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I heard this theme a few days ago. Couldn't help but it but to me it's very japanese like( but not in the traditional sense ).

Absolutely love it.
Hope they do more of that just like how Majora's Mask had lot's of these things.

stragomccloud2276d ago

Thanks for the link!
This is great, it totally reminds me of 銀河鉄道999(Galaxy Express 999).

--Onilink--2282d ago

i hope this sets the standard for any game that still decides to use motion controls on the Wii U, the generation of waggle has to die and let the true motion control games take over

--Onilink--2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

as for the disagree, whether we like it or not, motion controls are still gonna be part of the next gen. Move, Kinect and Wiimotes, so developers might as well look at how good a game can be when motion control is done properly. As the article says, maybe if this Zelda (and M+) had been released alonside Wii Sports and show what could be done with good controls, 95% of this generation wouldnt be waggle fest

SDF Repellent2282d ago

This is a game I'd dreamed about ever since the Wii was announced 5 years ago. If this game can pull of the motion control scheme, I will forgive Nintendo for the the mess that was Twilight Princess.