What Makes Dark Souls So Addictively Fun

Dark Souls is the type of game that you can play for 15 hours and still be learning how to play. It’s gameplay involves a type of discovery learning and progress advancement that keeps you going. Dark Souls is the type of game that’ll have you studying Dark Souls’ wikis just to try and figure out where you are, the items you have, the NPCs that you meet and so on. Dark Souls isn’t a game for everyone; it’s a game made for people who want to be challenged with the unknown, with an opportunity to discover and the ability to take back what was lost. Dark Souls is for the hardcore gamer.

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Virus2012459d ago


Dark Souls; the only game where dying is fun.

JsonHenry2458d ago

The combat.

This game has some of the best combat in any action RPG EVER. Different weapons have different attack animations, different uses, and then hold the weapon with two hands and you have even more options.

The armor/weapons/spells make PvP a lot of fun as well as the fact the basic fighting mechanics work really well for PvP.

zerocrossing2459d ago

Just beat Dark Souls last night, clocked in at around the mid 70+ hours mark and still have a a couple of areas that need exploring, all in all a fantastic game worthy of GOTY imo =)

That said I think I may have enjoyed Demons Souls more (probably because the franchise novelty has worn off) and a few bosses were much too easy, though the others made up for that lol.

I'll see you all in new game+, and you world invaders can chew on my Flame Claymore+10 :p

Tanir2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

+10? Holy Eff lol.

you know one other thing i never learned in this game is how to leap off of something and stab an enemy like the trailer. I know how to jump off a high place and plunge sword into the floor, but how do people jump and impale a big monster?

this attack in the trailer looks similar to a counter or backstab. have you ever done this?

@EDIT Thanks Jimmy, I figured it was that, but i did it the enourmous rat and i just hit the floor and he died, but no special animation. But its just the plunge that does the animation right? Thanks again, I will try on NG plus i suppose, or against one of those huge cats in the forest

JimmyJames702458d ago

Jump off the ledge by running and tapping B, then hit the right bumper to perform a downward attack. The animation is pretty cool and sometimes you can stay on the bad guy's head long enough for a second attack.

zerocrossing2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Thanks lol! but just finding the blacksmith that uses the flame embers was tough.

Only once, to the jailer boss in the undead asylum.

You can fall/jump off of the ledge above him and if you have a regular sword equipped (maybe other weapons work too but not greatswords, I found that out the hard way lol) you will impale him.

In the trailer you mentioned you see the Taurus demon boss on the bridge get impaled, I never did this because I only worked it out recently, but after exiting on to the bridge walkway there is a ladder behind you to the right (with those damned hollow archers that made that boss fight that much tougher for me lol) anyway after you kill them go back down the ladder and get the Taurus boss to appear I suspect you can run back, go up the ladder and try to fall/jump impale him.

I hope that was helpful =)

Godmars2902459d ago

It offers more instances of survival horror, surprise monster encounters and death traps, than the later RE titles?

Tanir2458d ago

um how bout any survival horror ever?

no horror game is scary in my opinion.

not dead space, not silent hill, not resident evil.

well this is just personally atleast lol.

kube002459d ago

I'll say I should give this a try


i highly recommend it. i still play demon souls as well just to see how much easier it is hahaha. Dark Souls is amazing and i have about 30 hours or so on it. can't play it much since my friend is the one that owns it... but i have logged in about 300+ hours on Demon Souls O.o

Grimhammer002459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I had an awesome experience. I was in the forest covenant and got called via the ring. I got in a fight with this dude...he was clearly more powerful than my then lvl 41 bandit.

We danced, parried and reposte....but nothing I could do. I could get 248hp damage on him if I backstabbed him, but it merely scratched his health bar!

After he vanquished 2 consecutive phantom helpers, it was just me and him. I never gave up. I tried luring him to a cliff side; he wasn't having it.

He then surprised me. He bowed and started dropping loot. Good weapons & armour...full sets!

He then turned his back to me and started running...I chased and at first watched to see what other surprises he had for me. He'd wave me on to backstab him then run...but not fight back.

I realized that he was going to see if I could kill him before reaching Sif. He would backtrack until I got him close to death....then it was on!

The chase was now in earnest. He basicly put himself in a position that gave me a chance....but still didn't fight back. I got him just footsteps from Sif!

389,000xp souls!
FYI- he was lvl 751!!! My god!
(we're now psn buddies. Lol)

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