Five of the Coolest Xbox 360 Mods

Xbox 360 mods have long been a favorite of gamers and Xbox enthusiasts. From mild case modifications to complete overhauls of the system and controller, there are guides all over the internet and products that make personalizing your Xbox fun and easy. Here are the 5 coolest Xbox 360 case mods you can do that are inexpensive and fun.

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smurfz2282d ago

The light and fans mod looks pretty sweet. I may have to try that one out.

cb8102282d ago

Maybe there should be a show like "Pimp My Ride" called "Mod my XBox"

CatSanderson2282d ago

That different colored ring looks sick

ShabbaRanks2282d ago

The only reason why I would mod my Xbox or Ps3 would be for better cooling... I have a fat 80gb ps3 with a moded 500gb momentusXT hard drive and it gets really hot lol.

My xbox360 slim 250gb on the other hand stays chill (well for the first hour or so) but its very quiet compared to my ps3.

Anyways I play with my Astros so I dont really hear it, but I love em both XD

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