Playstation's Magical 3DTV: To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

GP blogger, DoctorStrangeLove writes, "I'm one of those guys who dislikes gimmicks. It isn't that I hate them, I'm just worried that they'll take over as the norm in future consoles. I mean, if the PS4 or Xbox whatever is after 360 are completely based around motion control, I'll just have to stare out the window solemnly and wonder where gaming went wrong. Until then, we're going to be talking about a gimmick I have a real love hate relation with... That's right, we're going into 3D territory.

While I don't openly hate 3D as much as I hate motion controls, it does have its faults. Price, lack of content, the fact that the effect doesn't work for everyone, the price again... But I could see it becoming something cool in the gaming world. And Sony's Playstation 3DTV releasing next month for the new low price of $499, it just might be the catalyst that actually gets me to adopt 3D gaming on my console. But do I think its really worth the purchase price?"

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GoldenPheasant2372d ago

Didn't read the article, because just the intro brings up price TWICE which already tells me this article is full of pants sauce.

If you bargain hunt, you can get a 3D just as cheap as a "regular" TV. I got my 46" Hx8 /w transmitter thrown in for 950 igloo dollars, penguin tax included (CND).

earbus2372d ago

I got a bravia late last year the model has bad text leeching on it cant fix it ,only in menu or games very its annoying found out its a common prob for that model and some samsungs. They used a cheap batch of crystals or some nonsense ,movies look great on blu ray the only reason i found out i was looking on the net for a fix and found a heap of blogs about it wish i had researched better.

nikrel2372d ago

new passive LG tvs look amazing, and they are 3D 1080p certified.

tmoneymill2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

You can get 42 inch 3d tvs for like 7-800 bucks, 47 inch for 800-1100.. where he was looking and saw a 27 inch 3d for 800 is beyond me.