Rock Band Review by Yahoo

Every legendary rock band has, at some point in its career, delivered an overblown, overstuffed and initially underappreciated magnum opus. Led Zeppelin drew its grandest stroke with Physical Graffiti. The Who blew ears, minds and decibel counters with Quadrophenia. For the Beatles, it was The White Album.

And for game developer Harmonix, it's Rock Band. This is a sprawling, ambitious project from the undisputed masters of the genre, a musical love letter that reinvents the rhythm-game wheel only to roll it over your face in the name of rock. Like any great concept album, it's a major, groundbreaking success, marred by just a few bad notes.

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tethered3957d ago

So does cnet just go with what ever Gamespot scores a game?


Violater3957d ago

cnet = microsoft = gamespot = egm = 1up

Charlie26883957d ago

Its been fixed boys with the powers of (massive) editing and the internet XD