Hottest Kinect games for Christmas and beyond

Pocket-Lint: There's little doubt that Microsoft's Kinect was one of the big success stories last Christmas. Not only did the company sell around 6.3 million of the Xbox 360 motion sensing cameras before the end of 2010, it went on to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the "Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device" of all time.

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memots2314d ago

6.3M wow.

I know 1 person who has it and they played the first evening and that is it. been collecting dust ever since. Wonder how many of those 6.3m user are doing the same.

EVILDEAD3602314d ago

For me

Kinect Sports 2
Dance Central 2
Motion Sports: Adreneline
Fitness Evolved 2011

Top gifts..

Multiple Sesame Streets and Disney's for the young ones.

Next year

Project Draco
Steel Battallion

Top Kinect implementation

Mass Effect 3
Ghost Recon
Madden 13
Tiger Woods 13
Fifa 13


earbus2314d ago

Sweet darts be like having lunchtime in shenmue .

optimus2308d ago

i didn't know a new fitness evolve was coming out. and i was planning to get the 1st one, guess i won't have to now.