Alex (from A Clockwork Orange) plays Dark Souls

What if Alex from A Clockwork Orange played Dark Souls?

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NagaSotuva2462d ago

Is it true you can hear Beethoven's Ninth Symphony during Dark Souls' credits?

Gungnir2462d ago

I'll let you know when I finally see them. :)

THR1LLHOUSE2462d ago

They should roll the credits every time you die...That'd ensure that people see them, and will know the names of the developers that have hurt them so.

Tolkoto2462d ago

Clockwork Orange scares me :(

buddymagoo2462d ago

What scares me more is that it became reality.

BX812462d ago

I thought the movie was crappy.

Tuxedo_Mask2462d ago

The book is a lot better. The biggest trouble I have with the movie is that it hasn't aged well, which wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that it's set in the future.

BX812461d ago

Tuxedo... Books? Aghhh my cryptonite!

Pozzle2462d ago

Somebody needs to call Malcolm McDowell and make this happen!

Sizzon2462d ago

That film is abit weird in my opinion :P

seinfan2462d ago

That guy has been around so many topless women in his film career. Had crazy sex with them too.

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