DigitalChumps: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Review

DigitalChumps: The newest JRPG/alchemy adventure from NISA and Gust is out now for the PS3. Guide young Totori, daughter of Rorona (from the previous Atelier game), and her friends as they try to find out what happened to Rorona, who disappeared sometime in between the previous adventure in Arland and this one.

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zerocrossing2435d ago

I haven't even read the full review yet but "Guide young Totori, daughter of Rorona" is a huge mistake I don't even have the game yet and even I know Totori is not Rorona's daughter.

The plot of the game is, Totori's searching for her missing mother and teams up with Rorona(Totori's Alchemist teacher and star of the 1st game)... Unless that articles statement was a major spoiler :/

tiffac0082435d ago

Wow epic fail. lol! How did that happen? XD

zerocrossing2434d ago

I have no idea O.o

I don't think I could tell you all that's wrong with that statenent, lol! XD