DigitalChumps: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

DigitalChumps: The story is penned by Marvel writer Peter David, who had a hand in creating Spider-Man 2099 in the first place. The plot begins in 2099's era, with a devious scientist named Walter Sloan, who works at Alchemax (where Miguel O'Hara, aka, Spider-Man 2099 also works), decides to use one of his new inventions to wreck havoc on the timeline and become wildly powerful. He goes back in time, before Alchemax exists, and creates Alchemax in his own, dark vision. This instantly alters history, going back as far as Peter Parker's time, to create a more desolate world in which Sloan has a great deal of power. In short, it's kind of like Biff getting a hold of the DeLorean in Back To the Future II.

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