DigitalChumps: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review

DigitalChumps: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is in a pretty weird position. It benefits from being another romp through an alternate reality take on Dead Rising 2, but suffers for, well, being another romp through a very similar Dead Rising 2. It was a great game the first time around (I awarded it a 9 last year) but on round two I felt a certain malaise surrounding the overwhelming déjà vu of a second helping. I mean, technically Off the Record is the same great game with added material, but it also reeks of a debatably necessary cash-in opportunity, not unlike Capcom's fighting game lineage. Whether this could have been premium downloadable content, a stand-alone $20 download, or was justified as a $40 retail product was tough to resolve, but I think I've settled on an answer; maybe.

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