Hyperactivity, simplicity, and punching pooping pigeons in Happy Action Theater

Double Fine's Happy Action Theater for the Kinect doesn't go for convoluted mechanics or elaborate victory conditions. It just wants you to have fun.

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NagaSotuva2314d ago

I've always wanted to drop my nephews and nieces in lava. Now I can.

Tolkoto2314d ago

I'm always down for punching pooping pigeons.

Dovahkiin2314d ago

Those that feel the need to scare pigeons anger me, however in this case i agree!

THR1LLHOUSE2314d ago

Huh, this actually sounds pretty fun. I'm sure I'll still never play it, but who knows. I mean, the coolest thing I thought Microsoft showed at E3 when they announced the then-Natal was that painting game.

Sadie21002314d ago

This game is the perfect babysitter.

Dovahkiin2314d ago

Looks too much like eyetoy, of 2003. I'm sure there's better uses for kinect.