[GAMINGtruth] Past Due Review: Serious Sam Double D

GAMINGtruth's own Indie Games Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on the explosive action-packed 2-D platformer Serious Sam Double D from Mommy's Best Games.

Independent XNA studio Mommy's Best Games--known for such Xbox Indies as Weapon of Choice and Shoot1UP--delivers the signature and authentic mayhem and chaos that's found in the Serious Sam franchise and mashes it into a side-scrolling platformer that's enjoyable as it is frenetic.

Serious Sam Double D's gun stacking system is the heart of the title's enjoyability, as it offers many different ways to destroy and mangle enemies...and is generally hilarious to behold. While the title has a few quirks and frustrations, it's still a monstrously fun and addicting shooter/platformer mashup.

Serious Sam Double D is available for PC via Steam for $9.99. For more information please visit the game's official website at

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