Breathlessly Awaiting Guild Wars 2? What NCSoft Has in Store for Tyria, a Bright Hub Preview

Magic and technology intertwine seamlessly in this continuation of the story of Tyria. In Guild Wars 2, get ready for some MMO like you've never seen before. With dynamic events that allow your character to tell his or her own story, you can be assured that you'll never grind again.

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Muckbeast2461d ago

I feel like the release of this game has been lingering for like 2 years.

JsonHenry2461d ago

I can't wait for this game myself. It doesn't seem like it has been "just around the corner" for a long time now.

Setimerenptah2461d ago

Looks like it will be good when it finally comes out!

gornak2461d ago

"Breathlessly awaiting Guild Wars 2"? Are you saying MMO players can hold their breath for up to years? And this has never before been documented?!

rdgneoz32458d ago

One thing I noticed off the bat, was the article saying the assassin profession is missing and the thief is a new one. Not entirely true since the thief is basically the assassin profession with a few changes to it. Also, the Monk was removed and replaced with the Guardian since they wanted a support class and not a dedicated healer ( ). Also, from the videos of the different cons and expos, I believe they've said that any race can be any profession.

Leaguer2455d ago

devs has been talking too much already. just release the game, ffs.