Battlefield 3 Graphical Comparison: HD Texture Pack vs No HD Texture Pack

In a new video released today, you can see the visual difference between the ‘Texture Packed’ Battlefield 3 and the Non-Texture Packed Battlefield 3.

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SantistaUSA2315d ago

Huge difference. I'm gettting this for pc, so I'm gonna be good :)

tehgam3r2315d ago

Wow amazing. They don't show long range shots. So maybe it only affects short range? But then again it is prob overall.

Lol looks better than CoD without the texture pack.

ambientFLIER2314d ago

"Lol looks better than CoD without the texture pack."

You cod trolls are getting sad...

tehgam3r2314d ago

? I'm still getting MW3, plus I didn't directly state that it looks better than MW3. I only said CoD.
If you think outside the box, why would i compare bf3 (which I have playing atm) to Mw3 (which isn't out and only seen trailers and screenshots which doesn't necessarily mean it is what the game actually looks like). Obviously it mean that I have comparing to other CoD titles (black ops)

If I was trolling CoD, I would of said "lol it looks better than mw3" "BF3 alsjdflkjsf" "Bf3 just **** the **** out of Mw3)
Plus it is a fact that it looks better than CoD (black ops)

Szarky2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Wow, what a difference. Although the non-HD textures just looks UGLY!

One thing I noticed in the first set of M-Con stations in the beta was the stacked sand bags looked really bad, this texutre pack should make everything nice and sharp.

AllroundGamer2315d ago

hey look it's a N64 game :D omg the no HD texture pack is horrible...

ReflexGamer2315d ago

Wow! There are going to be alot of pissed 360 owners who don't have hard drives, lol. Oh well, ps3 all the way for me, dice is actually taking advantage of the ps3 architecture, so it will definitely look better than 360 version

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The story is too old to be commented.