Game Informer - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Matt Helgeson writes: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was one of my favorite games of this generation. Taking a cast of indelible characters through a thrilling adventure packed with jaw-dropping set pieces, it was a masterwork of video games as pure entertainment. Sure, BioShock might have had more on its mind, but with Uncharted 2 Naughty Dog delivered a perfect piece of pop fun.

Uncharted 2 raised the stakes for this franchise, setting an almost impossibly high bar for its successor to live up to. I’m happy to report that it does not disappoint.

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fluffydelusions2463d ago

Happy for ND. Their game is getting some great reviews.

Papertiger2463d ago

IM so proud of naughty dog. they deserve the accolades and im PRAYING that they get awarded GOTY once again.

BushLitter2463d ago

Yes, they do deserve accolades. But I feel that this year Rocksteady is more deserving. Arkham City is to Asylum what U2 was to U1.

I'm going to be loving the hell out of both these games as soon as I'm done with exams

Papertiger2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Well, we're gonna have to agree to disagree because I feel that Naughty Dog is more deserving AND THEY WILL WIN BUDDY! lol. Regardless of who wins, I must agree that im going to be loving the hell out of both of these great games.

majiebeast2463d ago

Nope because the flaws of Asylum are still in arkham city. The only thing they did was make it semi-sandbox the combat hasnt improved neither did the story or set pieces and story felt rushed.

BushLitter2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

@Papertiger Lol, at the end of the day, regardless of who wins that prize, Gamers win the greatest prize of all.

Oh dear... did I really say that? So corny, I am going to die

Pintheshadows2463d ago

I can't agree. I think Asylum is the better game. Tighter, focused, better story, better bosses and longer.

I don't think it's just me who holds that opinion either. It certainly isn't the jump Uncharted made. City is very good but I found it to be underwhelming.

Strange_Evil2463d ago

Instead of bickering about who deserves the award more, you should be happy that we are getting so many good games this year. UC3, Batman, Skyrim, BF3.... All AAA titles. All devs deserve the accolades as opposed to 1. They've all put in years of hardwork.

I hope all sites gives a general award to gaming this year... Best year in this gen!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.