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Xbox 360 Returned to Store with Some Bits Missing

Someone returned an xbox to a store and supposedly nobody had approved of it. But when the employees opened it it was discovered to be completly gutted.

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Fighter  +   2743d ago
Quite funny.
Fisher339  +   2743d ago
one word: Owned
unlimited  +   2743d ago
They probaly deal with so many dead 360s that they didnt bother to look inside to see if all the shi* is in it..lol..blame microsoft.
Ri0tSquad  +   2743d ago
haha owned is right
too funny
Mycococo  +   2742d ago
when i returned a ps3 i took all the wires the hdd and the controller. all i gave back was the console but i should have done what this guy did. smart bastarddddddddds
ReBurn  +   2743d ago
Why would someone do that?
meatnormous  +   2743d ago
They probably just made a new case for it.
gamesR4fun  +   2743d ago
im guessing theirs got banned from live
still no point gutting it just put the old one in the box to return seems like slightly better odds if they end up opening it...
dhammalama  +   2743d ago
Now they have two xbox360's. One in a custom case (presumably), and a brand new one.
Slayer OP  +   2743d ago
I dont know but...
This is the greatest ripoff ever.
Danja  +   2743d ago
LOL...why would someone take out an already out dated DVD drive and worthless HDD..lol.ok..they got owned...haha
WilliamRLBaker  +   2743d ago
Duhhhh Im danja I will go into a thread and post anti 360 spin YAY I DUDDITZ *drools*

Inreality your foolish danja the article is funny, you on the other hand are not....you'd get the hook at the appolo within....well you'd step on stage and get the hook.
rofldings  +   2743d ago
Duhhhh Im williamrlbaker I will go into a thread and post anti ps3 spin YAY I DUDDITZ *drools*

Inreality your foolish williamrlbaker the article is funny, you on the other hand are not....you'd get the hook at the appolo within....well you'd step on stage and get the hook.
LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL  +   2742d ago
lol @ danja
"out-dated dvd drive"

Nice attempt at trying to justify your purchase of a PS3. Its nothing but a blu-ray player. "OMG da power of da CELL!!!!"

It's junk. You may have power but it is split across too many cores; hence being junk for games.

<cue "the price is right" losing music>

W A I T B 3 Y O N D
Meus Renaissance  +   2743d ago
Not Amused
Moving on..
Slayer OP  +   2743d ago
Oh come on have a sense of humor. I didnt post this for people to get offended.
OOG FunK  +   2743d ago
bahaha meh I guess they are tryn to either fix their own or do something crazy with it...most like modersssss
Charlie2688  +   2743d ago
An $80 book inside? niiiiiiiiice

I guess we now know were those "repair" sites get the extra pieces >.>
tomfoolery  +   2743d ago
What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?
First Uncharted rips off Gears of War and
Tomb Raider.................now this!
Aye yie yie.

The disagree button is a big pile of steaming poop,
and Sonyboys are nothing but flies all over it.
Wait,that makes the ps3 a piece of s@#t too.
(I can't believe he called the sh1t poop!)

EDIT #2,
Yeah I played it and it's ALRIGHT,but that's it.
I'll say it again........ALRIGHT.
Game of the year,NOT......groundbreaking,n ot even close.

You know what's really sad'n'funny,everytime someone doesn't think Uncharted is Gods gift to gaming,
you Sonydroids act like someone has butt raped you.Why?
Well we all know that answer,but that's a different subject all together,so we'll save it for the proper thread.

But back to this thread,
It's very sad someone could do this to a business IMO.
Returning an empty carcass of a system to a retailer..............for shame tsk tsk.

Oh yeah, one more thought on Uncharted and the Ps3,
and here's something to think about.
When you're hungry,and in desperate need of something to eat,an average cracker can seem like a nice meal,
metaphorically speaking.
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dhammalama  +   2743d ago
Have you played Uncharted? You should try it. It's a lot of fun. Honestly, how can you say it's a ripoff of those games? If that were the case, then every game in the world, save a select few, would be a ripoff.

Every FPS has ripped off Marathon and wolfensien and doom.
Tomb raider is a ripoff of the earliest platformers, like mario or whatever was before that. Prince of persia, too.
Games always build on previous concepts. Is it because you are treasure hunting? Well laura croft didn't invent the profession. How many times have you has to killed aliens in a game?

Uncharted plays like an indiana jones move. I bought it yesterday and didn't stop playing for 8 hours. I couldn't stop playing. The game is awesome!!
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Enigma_2099  +   2743d ago
Just so you know...
Gears of War ripped off a gameplay idea from a game for the PS2 called Killswitch... look it up if you don't believe me...

Here, I'll do it for you...


And for Tomb Raider, well after everything from TR III to the Angel of Darkness, SOMEBODY had to do it right... Tomb Raider Legend STILL had a few problems... (d@mn grappling hook...)

Might I also add, that if you hadn't opened your mouth with the whole "Uncharted ripped off..." comment, you probably wouldn't have been hit with so many disagreements... this thread was about some greedy MFs swindling a store out of a 360 reimbursement. What did it have to do with Uncharted anyway?

The moral of the story... don't bait em if you don't want to deal with them.
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dhammalama  +   2743d ago
Tom, you jack ass
I have a 360 (and wii) you twat so I've been playing games all along on both systems, you rude c0ckface(hehehe, irony). You said it was a ripoff, and I just was saying that you can't and shouldn't really consider it as such, but now I see you were just being biased (why? what's the point?). You are the one who gets the ass raping. Don't call me a fandroid you moron, that's lame, you ruin the entire gaming scene with your fanatic nicknames and weakass "fanboy" jargon. Get a life.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2743d ago
Probably the guy take the parts to fix another 360, it would be some major fix (RROD, or anything like that) or even to get a unbanned console and sell the banned one hardware parts... This kind of "market" is just usual for modders (at least here in Brazil), that don't have the warranty anymore if something just stop working.

It happened to me and a co-worker when I worked on a game store, with a PS2. When was my turn in the afternoon, my friend come with this box, that some guy on the morning have approved as returned, and we opened it (was too light) to just realize that there war nothing but an empty PS2 case inside, the cables and one pirated controller... The guy don't even put a book nor nothing to fake the weight... Luckily we got the guy that made it, he just get the parts off on a technic assistance shop (we call this kind of shop "assistência técnica" - technic assistance - a place where they fix electronics, I don't know how do you guys call that) and the same guy on this shop fixed his PS2. The guy that approved it on the morning turn was fired.
ElementX  +   2743d ago
This is one of the dumbest articles. It's not news. *report*
Grassroots  +   2743d ago
haha it may not be news, but it's hilarious none the less. I can't believe someone did that for money, lol wow that is a classic.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2743d ago
HAHAHA! That's funny. I have done this three times. But atleast I am nice enough to return the new casing and the broken insides not to screw Microsoft TOO badly. But that's what Microsoft gets when your console poops out a little after a year and you have no warranty (before extended) this is funny though. Dishonesty is really bad, and I know I am an ass, but it's still funny.
joydestroy  +   2743d ago
hahahahaha. how could someone not notice the box being substantially lighter by say about 8lbs?

i bet someone got fired. they deserve it. moron.
BRubble  +   2743d ago
HAHAHA The phone-book was a nice touch. Well done.
MANTIIS  +   2743d ago
Funny. If everything was working it would be no problem to get another case mod and build a new 360. I could do it in 10 minutes. LMAO. Now if he gets RROD, it won't be a big deal because he got his money back first.
Guardian0fPeace  +   2743d ago
That is hilarious! The guy is probably making some really kick@$$ computer outta that...if he can figure it all out...
jinn  +   2743d ago
fire the employees!!!
Wii60_FTW  +   2743d ago
i was thinking of doing this with my last 360.
Pain  +   2743d ago
to funny!
ROCCOZILLA  +   2742d ago
huh,there still making them?they said m$was discontiuing the 360 in nov.
macalatus  +   2742d ago
Looking beyond the fanboy wars, I'm actually troubled. Sure, something "not completely returned" may be funny, but it would eventually bite us all back. I don't care if you're a PS3, 360, or a Wii owner but if sh!t like this continues the retail stores will dramatically alter their return policies. And if that happens, consumers (that is us)will suffer even if it's a legit reason for returning a product.
Matpan  +   2742d ago

Let´s say that in the same twist of events, the box never got opened and went directly to the shelves. Some one buys it, no opening to check everything is in place (or just a glance, not really opening the box).

The guy gets home, let´s say he is an older man, buying it for his grand son ( a console geek ) he gives the present to the kid... He opens it and SNAP!!! Happy future medicine carreer!!!

I imagine the man with his grand son trying to give that back. Explaining it came with a book inside, instead of a console...

Nice rip off... 50/50 fault, 50 for the guy.. 50 for whoever took that and gave a refund... :P

I want to return a TV... any ideas? I though of an old car tire inside the box, maybe..? :P
B1ueBurner  +   2742d ago
Anything is News
Damn anything is news.. is there anything better to report.. or is this site that pro Sony.. ?? just asking..
Enigma_2099  +   2742d ago
this has nothing to do with the pro-Sony conspiracy theory you're thinking about...
... this is about some slick mofo pulling a fast one with a gutted 360... if anything, he needs to be caught for that. My Wal Mart sucks donkey balls, but at least they DO check items when returns are issued...

... they must have been sleeping on the job there.
gololo  +   2742d ago
hey can some1 explain what is the deal with banned 360s?
zonetrooper5  +   2742d ago
Wow lol, this guy is a smart one hehehe.
djt23  +   2742d ago
that got to suck
IntelligentAj  +   2742d ago
This just shows the ineptitude of some people in retail. I work at the Home Depot and I had someone return a rock in a lighting fixture box. Nobody checked it at all and i'm pretty sure that's what happened here.
smoothdude  +   2742d ago
I am calling bs to that story. There is no way that any person could have done something like that unless the one giving the refund was in on it too. I would fire that person in a heartbeat.
Andronicus  +   2742d ago
it was
me!......not! As borat would say
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