Fixin' Madden

EA has had the monopoly on video game football for about 6 years now and have done absolutely nothing with it. Madden has been a disappointment since reaching the PS3 and 360. Not that EA will listen, but here is some unsolicited advice on how to make a crap game less crappy.

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DwightOwen2372d ago

Of course Madden sucks. Without any competition breathing down their necks, what incentive do they have to improve it? All they have to do is slap "Madden" on the cover once a year and the rubes will devour it.

topgun332372d ago

Mad Props for using Keanu Reeves character from the Replacements-Shane Falco as the cover pic for this article

nevin12372d ago

Yes Madden has been horrible since Madden 2005. And has yet to impress during the PS3/360 era.

mcnast2371d ago

I just don't understand how Madden has gotten dumber over the years. Madden 06 had a lot of stuff in it like player training, player icons, etc. They even had a radio show featuring the awesome Tony Bruno saying what was going on every week. Move to PS3/360 era and they still haven caught up to a 6 year old game. Ridiculous.