5.0 Reviews Remotext Remote Control/Keyboard

premiersoupir writes over at

Remotext is light – perhaps lighter than Sony’s media remote – and I appreciate the rubberized texture of the remote. Oriented vertically, Remotext looks like a typical media remote with readily accessible buttons for play, pause, fast-forward, and so on. Oriented horizontally, Remotext can even be used as a proper PS3 gaming controller.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32277d ago

Wow, that looks slick, shame about the short-comings though. They shouldn't give up though, I'd definitely be interested in a 360 version also.

protekjv2277d ago

not to shabby. they could of added the L1 and R1 in there too.

Zardos2275d ago

At $30 I'm considering it as the extra controller for trophy requirements and whatnots.