Forza Motorsport 4 Review (C&G Magazine)

Forza 4 starts with a tease. Jeremy Clarkson, well known from the hit series Top Gear, narrates that in this world there are very few places where people can indulge in speed, performance and beauty. Before the game starts in earnest, the player is treated to a quick one-lap race in the Alps. It's a well-hidden tutorial, but it also accentuates Forza's prime virtues. It is a game of beauty, about chasing that beauty; it is a shrine to speed and the vehicles that help us there. During the actual races, a simple touch of the Y button will rewind time a few seconds. This combats the all-too-common problem of making a last-minute miscalculation, and losing a whole race because of one mistake. The time rewind can be removed, for the player who wants a purer experience, along with assisted steering and turning and other modes of assistance. These are the default, but removing them gives the player a bonus in cash and experience.

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