Top Gear top 20 retro racing games

With everyone raving about Forza 4, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane with an updated list of our favourite racing games from the past.

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Chaotic_Cannon2399d ago

I remember most of those games, and I think I played the majority of them at some point.

Spy Hunter and Mario Kart and 2 or 3 others there is where many hours of my youth disappeared... does that date me? lol

Definitely a good recap of the classic racing games that eventually lead to the current crop these days.

JellyJelly2399d ago

I'd put 4D Sports Driving on my list. Amazing game back in the day.

humbleopinion2399d ago

Road Rush, as well as Micro Machines, Mario Kart and Super off road were all classics. Outrun deserves number 1.

But I was expecting to see games like the original Test Drive, as well as Sega's pioneering Virtua Racing which was an amazing 3D accomplishment in 92. Stunts should also deserve a mention for the amazing track editor alone.