G4TV: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Coming so soon on the heels of Uncharted 2, there hasn’t been enough time for the strong memories of the predecessor to fade away, to revitalize a story and game format that had so recently been revitalized and reached its apotheosis. Sony’s commercial needs may have motivated such a quick revisit to the franchise but, like Nathan Drake’s long quest to unravel the mystery of his relative, it takes time to appreciate the value of a treasure.

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Dante1122462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Prepare for the trolls. Good score though.

Edit: Wonder why the two 8 reviews get all the heat here, while all the 9s and 10s stay cold?

Ezio20482462d ago

why does this have to happen with a good game that few critics DONT appreciate the efforts of the developer??

LOGICWINS2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Because not all critics have the same taste. For example, if you know nothing about cars, are you going to be impressed by the variety of customization options in Forza 4 or GT5? MOST gamers out there won't appreciate the challenge and satisfaction that can be had from a game like Dark Souls. Its not that they think the game is bad, its just not their cup of tea.

Btw..did you even READ the review? Adam Sessler is a fantastic, experienced game critic and from the looks of it...he did appreciate Uncharted 3. Until we play the full game, none of us have the right to criticize his review.

I could be wrong..but I think you saw the "4/5" and freaked out for some reason.

RBdrift2462d ago

G4TV??? hmmm, Does the channel still exist?

capjacksparrow2462d ago

It's funny because Uncharted 2 got a 5/5 from Adam Sessler.

SuperM2462d ago

If you dont like racing games you shouldnt review racing games. Same goes for any other type of games.

And what the hell does he mean Uncharted 3 coming so soon of the heels of Uncharted 2? Its been 2 year. 2 years is the normal development cycle of games. We get Call of Duty and Assassins Creed every year yet reviewers dont seem to mind that.

coolbeans2462d ago

So now a 4/5 or 8/10 by a reviewer means they don't appreciate the hard work of the developers? I'd like to hear what ND has to say about such an awful statement.

LOGICWINS2462d ago

"If you dont like racing games you shouldnt review racing games."

Same can be said about a reviewer that likes racing games. He/she would be inclined to give a racing game a high score since thats the genre he/she likes. For me, a reviewer should be neutral.

Commander_TK2462d ago

Great score. 8/10 is great for me. PS3 fanboys can cry all they want.

mamotte2462d ago

Because we play with the final product. not with the process.

2462d ago
ABizzel12462d ago

I have to disagree with some parts of this review.

For one Adam, admits he's still caught up in Uncharted 2, and that's affecting his review. IMO he shouldn't have reviewed the game then. This review is not unbiased, because while writing he was constantly reflecting upon Uncharted 2.

Second the multiplayer is the best it's ever been, and it's a better addition then what was present in Uncharted 2 (as long as you level up). Saying it's tacked on, makes no sense when it was in Uncharted 2, and it's better than what was in Uncharted 2.

No offense, but Adam shouldn't have reviewed this game.

popup2462d ago

Check the controller. If it has teeth marks, there is your reason. Human error.

nix2462d ago

only when they have to review PS3 exclusive games... the reviewers have uncanny way of reviewing it. some just point out the negatives. some just use their microscope to find a pixel worth of fault. some just go and say "too much variety". "feels like the previous installment".

oh.. we've heard it all. but for other franchises.. it's exactly the opposite. "sure it has some graphical problems... but"
"sure you can't connect online... but"
"sure it feels the same.. but why should it not?"
blah blah. blah.


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_DarkCharizard_2462d ago

G4 are the trolls here. They haven't had a valid opinion in the past 6 years, but I still used to visit their website till last year. Then they rated Metroid Other M....


fluffydelusions2462d ago

I'm buying UC3 regardless of score but I agree with you about g4tv...haven't been relevant for years.

LOGICWINS2462d ago

"They haven't had a valid opinion in the past 6 years..."

So Arkham City, God of War 3, and Killzone 2 aren't 5/5 games right? I'm just going by your logic here.

Commander_TK2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

There no such thing as a "valid opinion". That's as stupid as saying that there are human races within the human race.

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NoobSessions2462d ago

Lol @ the people who think a 4/5 is a BAD score..

biRdy2462d ago

Why do people care so much on someone else's opinion? A review is simply an opinion, thats why they vary from each reviewer.
So My point is, the best reviewer is YOU! If you like the game great! If you don't, then do not buy the game and let others experience the game themselves.

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2462d ago

People care because they want to see a game that they have been looking forward to get the appreciation that they feel that it deserves. I mean I would like to rub it in xbox owners faces that ps3 has the highest scored game on metacritic. Well actually I'd rather avoid fanboy wars.


So, they feel this third installment came too quick...Can someone please introduce G4 to a little game called Call of Duty?


joab7772462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Hits man, hits...but u know that. It just seems that all the other reviews say one thing and then there is this one. I cannot imagine that in any reviewers mind that this game is an 8. They will squabble between 9 &10 but an 8 is rediculous. Not one review haa even hinted that this game lives in u2's shadow.

My guess is that he had just met a beautiful woman when he played u2 & that he just found her in bed with his best friend hours before playing u3. In his mind, he is comparing his emotional states at the time of playing each game. Thus, in his mind, u3 will never be able to climb out from the shadow cast by happier times in his life. So, u3 must b an amazing game. Can u imagine giving that score to any game after finding out ur two trusted confidants betrayed u. Damn, from that perspective,i am even mor excited to get it. lol!

aquamala2462d ago

it's not an 8, it's 4 out of 5. G4 doesn't give 4.5 or 4.2 or 4.8 scores.

disturbing_flame2462d ago

You discover a function of the internet.

It's not the information that matters, it is only how you use it.

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Vandamme212462d ago

Coming from G4TV..I'm kinda suprise by this score.

wenaldy2462d ago

10/10 or 1/10, I dont care.. U3 is day one for me...

LondonMediaOS2462d ago

Grading scale for this must have been up the ass.. lol realistically through its their opinion won't change your gaming experience; it all comes down to how much credibility they have in your eyes. (That goes for anything.)

Sevir042462d ago

Someone has to fill the quota to be objective, controversy sells. It's a great score, just not an excellent one. Every reviewer has their taste! It's to be expected. Uncharted still can not be trampled