Top Ten Most Badass Weapons in Gaming History - #1 ...

Ripten concludes their top ten most badass weapons in gaming history countdown, with a number one weapon that gave headshots a whole new meaning back in 1998.

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ElementX3955d ago

So is it like those flying orbs in the Phantasm movies?

ParaDise_LosT3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Cerebal Bore won :D
and yes elementX its like thos balls in phantasm :)
Cerebral bore = best weapon ever made in video game history :D

antoinetm3955d ago

finally i can check that list...

the one per day concept was fun the first time but now its just Very annoying...


Bathyj3955d ago

I knew it. Truly a crunchy weapon if ever there was one.

Interesting fact. The control scheme he refers to was actually a pioneer. The Stick for the head movement (aiming) and the 4 c buttons (for lack of a 2nd stick) is exactly the same just reversed as the now standard Halo Scheme. Before that game would use the stick to move forward and back and turn left and right. Now all movement is done with one stick and all looking with the other which is essentially what Turok brought in. Special mention (I dont know if they said it before) should go to Turoks mine layer. These would pop up to knee height and explode like a flat disc and cut legs off at the knees. Great stuff.

QQcrybaby3955d ago

Turok is the true pioneer in console FPS controls. Too many people give Halo credit when the honor belongs to Turok.

bootsielon3955d ago

I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. It's blinding me, even for DS graphics standards.

chrno63954d ago

yeah reminds me of how a few years ago when Call of duty just came out I was amazed by its grahpics and animations. But now when comparing it to cod4, it looks like crap.

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