Skyrim Vs Battlefield 3: Bethesda’s live action trailer puts EA to shame

Product-Reviews writes: This may be seen as slightly harsh for those that enjoyed EA’s Battlefield 3 live-action trailer, but we have to say that Bethesda has well and truly outdone them on this occasion – would you agree? The last scene showing Dragonborn and the dragon is particularly special and almost looks as if it is in-game footage – we can’t actually tell but it really seems like it.

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tr00p3r2462d ago

Simply put, Skyrim wins out of the two trailers.

Ser2462d ago

Not to me it doesn't.

Battlefield 3's trailer was more impressive from a film student's point of view. There was way more going on and the game mixed very well with the realism shots.

What did we see in the Skyrim trailer? A real-life Dovahkiin (which was actually pretty cool), a ho-hum medieval village, and a CGI dragon. Eragon had all of that, sans Dovahkiin, and that movie sucked the big one.

Regardless, I'm picking both games up on launch. Can't wait to get my hands on my Skyrim CE.

Muffins12232462d ago

I agree with you two,while skyrim trailer has more support battfield 3's is alot better.The only people who Disagree with us are fanboy's who know almost nothing about filming

evrfighter2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Simply put skyrim gonna put everything to shame. Mw3, bf3, uc3, me3

But still whats with the fog horns. You won't see me in much skyrim articles btw. the less I know about it the more enjoyable itll be.

OcelotRigz2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Im the same. There's some games, Skyrim being one of them, where the less i know the better. I just want everything to be unexpected and new.

By the way, prefer the Skyrim trailer, but like "Wizziokid" said below, they are completely different games and trailers to be compared.

BushLitter2462d ago

Confirmed at 0:24 - water is flammable

Quagmire2461d ago

Lol, i was thinking that, but then thought maybe it was petrol.

But then why the fuck would they have petrol?

Pikajew2462d ago

Both are decent, nothing to brag about. The launch trailers were better

Wizziokid2462d ago

wait what? why is this being compared?

a fantasy live-action trailer vs a modern ware live-action trailer... yeah this makes a whole lot of sense..

both great trailers but common this is pointless

Dovahkiin2462d ago

Games being pitted against each other really gets on my nerves, nobody has identical opinions.

LondonMediaOS2462d ago

I understand why they would be in the same comparison field but they are clearly two different types of games and they both have quality devs that can back them finically to make a decent promotion (with the help of ad men.) so I don't understand all the hubloob, about which is better.

itz_zombies2462d ago

rpg vs fps wtf has the world come to

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The story is too old to be commented.