‘Tropico 4′ Review [Game Rant]

There are just some days when a person wakes up and just wants to rule – which is the name of the game in Kalypso Media’s latest iteration on city building simulation (available for the Xbox 360). While Tropico 4’s PC version has the upper hand on “interface ease,” the surprising enjoyment that comes from developing and maintaining an economic goldmine is hard to ignore. That is, if that’s the sort of thing you’re in to.

Tropico 4 throws players into the mix by tasking them with creating and sustaining an island paradise. Spread over 20-campaign missions, the goals and objectives come hard and fast – on top of negotiating with internal and external factions – giving players plenty to stay occupied. Problems such as health care, pollution, food, and housing are all on the day-to-day checklist – along with additional curveballs like natural disasters and illegal immigration.

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