SteelSeries Sensai Mouse Review [Game Rant]

Professional gaming continues to grow around the world with million dollar tournaments for Dota 2 and Call of Duty being held to not only celebrate the launch of the new games but to prove that the games are designed to handle a professional level of play. New games are being designed with increasing difficulty and strategic depth, so much so that professional and amateur players alike need equipment better designed to handle their game of choice.

Ask a first-person shooter player what is most important to them in a mouse and their response might be far different than what a real time strategy player would ask for. SteelSeries has worked with professional players to learn everything they can about what players want from their mice and have compiled all their experience and input into their newest product, the SteelSeries Sensai. Check out our review to see if the SteelSeries Sensai mouse has earned its rank in the gaming dojo.

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