Top 100 Games of All Time #90-81

* Eligible games had to have been released no later than December 31, 2006 (perspective is a good thing)
* A number of factors were taken into consideration when selecting a winner: How good the game was compared to others of its time, its overall game design, how well it stands up over the years, how influential it has been in the realm of gaming and just plain how much fun we had playing it are all points for contention.
* The list is comprised of single, stand-alone titles and doesn't include compilations, expansion packs or add-ons.
* Titles with multiple editions such as collector's boxes, gold editions or direct re-releases have been consolidated into one single entry, with the edition deemed most deserving taking precedence.
* Updated versions of original titles were only included on the list if they were significantly different from their predecessors.

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riqued3956d ago

My only curiosity with this list is to find out where they are going to put Halo 3.

Danja3956d ago

uhhh HALO 3 doesn't deserve tobe on any list about greatest far as im concerned the first Halo was ground breaking..the other two were just minor improvements over there predecessors...

snoop_dizzle3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

halo 3? Halo 1 sure i was hooked on that game for the longest time back in the day, but halo 2 and 3 just didn't do it for me as much. I liked halo 2 and three but that was about it. I do like halo 3 better than halo 2 though.

Shaka2K63956d ago

Overated crap, pls this has been done a billion times already and proves nothing but the internet is full of stupid blind tools.

The Wood3956d ago

surprised that ffvII didnt get higher. Wonder where mgs2 will be

sonyfanonly3955d ago

FF 7 should get number 1 but look who come up with the list its sh^t from nintendo thats in the past i wish they would get over it the n64 is dead and so are the games maybe they could give modern day classics a chance this list is BS my top five would be 1- FF7 2- turok dinosaur hunter 3- duke nukem for the playstation 4- twisted metal thats the game that started car to car combat 5- GOD OF WAR