Official PlayStation Magazine UK gives Uncharted 3 10/10 and a gold award

OPM: What, you thought it wouldn’t be good? The full review will be in the next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK which is on sale October 31st but for now lets pick over what reviews ed Joel Gregory thought of Drake’s latest adventure. “For the second time in succession, Naughty Dog has created a game that can claim to not only be the best on PS3, but also one of the best in gaming history.” Well, that is a good start.

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Agent Smith2461d ago

Batman: Arkham City last week, Battlefield 3 this week, Uncharted 3 next week. My wallet's looking a little light.

xPhearR3dx2461d ago

Then Skyrim the week after, then Saints Row 3 after that. I don't even have a wallet anymore. Had to sell the leather to pay off all these games.

Cloudberry2461d ago

But really surprising that...

Eurogamer's giving the game an 8 / 10...

Agent Smith2461d ago

I don't know how the metric system works, but seeing Eurogamer give out reviews, apparently 8's are actually 9's in Europe.

Sevir042461d ago

Expect a few more who just wanted to stir the pot! An 8 is still a great score.

DarkTower8052461d ago

I wouldn't worry about Eurogamer, when you look at metacritic you will see 100s, 95s and 90s. Eurogamer will stand out and people will question them. I mean how do you give a score that indicates borderline average/above average when every other score is at least 10pts higher? Thats pretty telling of the reaction they wanted.

kikizoo2461d ago

Metacritic and others game rankings should not count the 20 worst, and the 20 best of the 200 reviews, it's the solution to ignore biased reviews and have a less biased metascore.

fllysurfer2461d ago

A Sony endorsed mag site giving a Sony Studio game a perfect 10... WOW that´s a shocker.

GribbleGrunger2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

yeah, it's clearly out of step with all the other reviews.

Wizziokid2461d ago

not really a shocker when other sites like IGN are giving the game a 10/10 also

Sevir042461d ago

Future publications owns oxm, opm UK, Nintendo power and p:tom, and are no way shape or form endorsed or paid by Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft! Try again!

RBdrift2461d ago

Disagrees incoming.

Its the same as Xbox World Australia giving Forza 4 100/100 ,the biggest difference is one of these games actually deserves the score.

kikizoo2461d ago

this game deserve that...and more if you consider other games had some 10, or 9.

Obelisk922461d ago

OPM UK is actually pretty harsh with all games, even PS exclusives.

I remember it giving a 6 to God of War 1.

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Ezio20482461d ago

how much IGN made me happy, Eurogamer on the controry really f****d my mind!!!

LondonMediaOS2461d ago

10/10 (Shocker) lol; Good Job Naughty Dog.

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