Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review (GiantBomb)

Brad Shoemaker writes: If I were to tell you Naughty Dog has just delivered another superb Uncharted game, would you be the least bit surprised? Actually, the only thing that might surprise you about Uncharted 3's relentless roller coaster ride is that it doesn't advance the standards for video game action like its groundbreaking, mind-blowing, superlative-generating predecessor did. But it certainly does match them. There's a slight sense of "been there, done that" in the way this game hews so closely to Uncharted 2's masterful blend of puzzle-solving, parkour, and dizzying action scenes. I was more than ready to continue being there and doing that the moment the last game ended, so I'm thrilled just to play another sequel that hits all those right notes, even if they're the same notes, with such precision. And you probably will be too.

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Chuk52405d ago

Honestly. I never expected it secede UC2 standards, that wouldn't be fair. But matching is great.

gillri2405d ago

yes it obviously as good, but wont have the same impact and so wont get quite as high reviews
metascore of around 93/94 I reckon

ElDorado2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Just like you I think the meta score will be around 92/93/94. Right now it's 93. I am sure it's better than U2 though, but reviewers will always complain about bullshit things like more of the same.

Great review by my favorite reviewsite.

clank5432405d ago

Brad always writes great reviews on Giantbomb. In fact, their whole staff really does a fantastic job. Great score!