Silent Hill: Origins Review (Gamespot)

Gamespot gives Silent Hill: Origins a 6

"When you think of Silent Hill, what jumps to mind? A foggy town? Cryptic dialogue? Walls dripping with blood? Well, the good news is that Silent Hill Origins has all those things. That alone should please series fans who are looking to developer Climax's prequel to provide plenty of atmosphere and further expand on the Silent Hill mythos. But in this case, the good news is also the bad news because from a gameplay perspective, Origins is exactly what you would expect, delivering an entirely conventional adventure that relies on eight-year-old franchise hallmarks at the expense of anything truly new."

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Gothdom3960d ago

With a comment like "Origins is exactly what you would expect" how can it get a 6? I understand it's not original, but it's fun and deserve, I dunno, a 7 or an 8, but 6?

powerslide3960d ago

A 6??? WTF gamespot, what's wrong with you?

redninja3960d ago

Gamespot has officially gone insane.