1UP: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Uncharted 3 doesn't reinvent the wheel after 2009's superb game of the year, but manages to present its own set of unique moments and gameplay. The player-driven action sequences are memorable. The subtle layers of dialogue and character interactions are impressive. And ultimately, the eight-hour campaign experience provided plenty of harrowing escapes and charm. And after all that you've still got a competent multiplayer experience packed in too. Developer Naughty Dog continues to prove they are masters of their craft, and the third chapter of Uncharted is a fun and rewarding adventure that's easily one of the best games this year.

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Dante1122191d ago

UC3 is doing pretty well. I HAVE to buy this game.

evilunklebud2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Yeah, it is shaping up to go for GOTY with Batman at this point. I want both.

93 on Meta... !

Shazz2191d ago

naughty dog have done it again , hope this game ends up with even more sales than uncharted 2 did coz its deserves huge sales

GribbleGrunger2191d ago

ok, so the reviews are excellent but i'm just wondering why it is that with nearly every PS3 exclusive the 'doesn't reinvent the wheel' statement appears in one form or another and yet when it comes to 360 exclusives such as gears or halo the comments are: 'if it's not broken don't fix it'

still happy with the reviews though, i'm just interested in knowing why that happens

Marceles2191d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say...a PS3 exclusive has to reinvent the wheel, while the 360 just has to be "the same game we all know and love! A+!"

baodeus2191d ago

I like 1Up reviews. This game is excellent.

I think they always give credit to game that came up with something first which still counts for the sequal perhaps.
CoD: MP perks
Gears: MP mode like horde mode/beast mode (though i'm thinking they have been doing this for years for 2D fighting game like capcom vs. snk)
Halo: MP match making system (not too sure about this one, were there match making before it on PC? don't know much about FPS really.)

UC is a really polish games, but that what it is, take element from other games/movies, polish it to death and make a stellar fun, engaging, and story driven game out of it.