The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Best Requirement, companion, Monks

Chris Comiskey, a staff of PCGamer. While playing Skyrim, he said what the spec he has used to play Skyrim.

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Lirky2461d ago

It's not the best it depends what everyone want to be in skyrim lol. Plus its still october.

invisiblezero2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )


kcuthbertson2461d ago

This is the worst article I have ever read...seriously who in the hell approved this shit.

Lirky2461d ago

Click on the wrench on the article photo , then click info and u can see who approved it.

But think alot of gaming journalist are impatient and jump the gun alot of times and it shows.

Dovahkiin2461d ago

Skyrim has a nice feature that you can use NPCs or animals as a companion. Players can be able to command the companion to do such as [Go attack the guard, Go steal thing, Go open this door], but they don’t always do what you ask. Sometimes they don’t agree what you request, it depends on its alignment.

This excites me.

RufustheKing2461d ago

I wonder if there is an request for a companion to sacrifce their lives for you while you run away :)