Kinect’s First Birthday - It’s Time for a Sale

Alex, GamerEuphoria writes: "It’s almost time to blow out Kinect’s first candle on the cake.

Kinect was originally launched November 4th last year and Microsoft are marking the occasion by dropping the price of multiple related Marketplace items for a short time.
The items on sale are as follows:"

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BuT_TeR2456d ago

Only the Casual Fans are invited to the party!

gamingdroid2456d ago

No, everyone is invited. It's just some don't want too.

legreffer2456d ago

Dance Central isn't casual

SLLCKGT2456d ago

Haha! @ BuT_TeR

So true. As much I don't care for motion control Move has given us Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Resistance 3. What have you given us Kinect. Oh am I restricted again for this post?

SixZeroFour2456d ago

wow, thats news to me...didnt know killzone 3, socom 4 and resistance 3 were all move exclusive games

kaveti66162456d ago

" Move has given us Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Resistance 3"


Good games are used to market superfluous gimmicks like motion controls and 3D.

It's not the other way around.

ForROME2456d ago

go to 99 dollars and the masses will adopt

brettyd2456d ago

i honestly would only start thinking about buying one if it was $50.

legreffer2456d ago

$107 at (free shipping and Child of Eden is included)

mcstorm2456d ago

You have to say some people as well as ms have done a good job with kinect not just for games but for other things as well. Looks like ms were right they had just scratch the service on what it can do in terms of games and none games. Looking forward to the new dash and some of the games that are out later this year kinect adds to forza 4 and I see it adding to more games over time too.

With kinect, windows phone 7 windows 8 and the metro UI ms are starting to be the leading software company they were 10 years ago. Things are looking up for ms on every front and even if your not a ms fan you have to agree with what they are doing now is impressive with there own software.

xxLuckyStrike2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Kinect is garbage.. A gimmick to keep the 360 around a couple more years. Also so microsham can adopt a few casuals.. In no way is kinect related to the hard core gamer.. I could care less!! Maybe I'll have a look see when kinect 2 arrives next gen and its 1 to 1 motion tracking (Minority Report).. Until then Microsoft can keep that crap

Edit- and it's still $149.99 what a joke!! Surly sales have declined since the hype died off. That crap camera should be selling for $60 today. I took mine back after 3 weeks when it started to collect dust.

SockeyBoy2456d ago

its laggy but games are getting more responsive with each new release. The Gunstringer, and fruit ninja are super responsive and I played the Demo of Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 last night and both were more responsive than their first release.

tickticktick2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

How is Move? Oh! that's right I forgot, no one bought it. :-)

kaveti66162456d ago

"I took mine back after 3 weeks when it started to collect dust."

Buyer's remorse?

Go have your therapy session elsewhere.

Sheep follows herd and then laments being a sheep.

xxLuckyStrike2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Hmm.. Let kinect continue to collect dust or refund money and buy 2 new games.. The choice was obvious. I took the hit with dance central but that's not the issue here.. Lets not get sheit twisted, therapy and sheep have nothing to do with kinect!!! Makes me question you and what types of issues you might be harboring.

kaveti66162456d ago

Complaining about your purchase is not a requirement of getting a refund. Stop whining about your lack of critical thinking.

"Boo hoo. I bought a device before checking to see if the software interested me. Now I'm mad."

DigitalRaptor2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

As xxLuckyStrike said above, it's another way for MS to extend the life of the 360. How many more of these apparently great, fresh, but essentially poor controlling experiences are they gonna bring out on Kinect for the 360 before they try to start selling you an Xbox 720-only compatible Kinect version 2.0 for another $150?

Might as well just wait until something quintessential comes along!

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