Videogamer: Uncharted 3 Review

Let it be publicly known that Nathan Drake is a card-carrying member of the rather exclusive club of video game characters I have a whopping big man crush for

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Dante1122336d ago

Great scores for UC3 so far.

Shazz2336d ago

people without a ps3 are really gonna miss out on a fantastic franchise

evilunklebud2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Agree... no reason not to have both machines at this point in the current generation. A lot of fun to be had.... on both sides of the aisle.

DigitalRaptor2336d ago

Yes there is, and that reason is XBL Gold!

evilunklebud2335d ago


at least xml didn't "misplace" my credit information ;)

DigitalRaptor2335d ago

I don't recall any evidence of credit card information being "misplaced", stolen or any variation on the word during the PSN hack.

My comment wasn't intended to ensue an argument about the security of certain services. If hackers wanted to they could take down XBL and any service/network. 100% fact. There were even reports of this that MS conveniently ignored and brushed away.

Anyway, that's beside the point. My point was that of a disagreement with your statement. I'm not going to be charged to play half of all the games I already own online.

So I was talking about MS's decision to charge when they could easily (and without any difficulty) be pro-consumer and offer online gameplay to everyone for free, like pretty much every other company does. Not the games, they are great, but their supporting company's decision(s), most unfortunately dissuades my purchase decisions.

evilunklebud2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I was joking around. I don't take game related things that seriously.

While I enjoy having psn for free, I like the added features Live gives. Personal choice, to each their own.

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7sEvEn2336d ago

I just can't wait! Review scores are MAD crazy right now.