Edge: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

The appeal of the Uncharted series hinges on a seductive premise. With modern life tempting us to believe our world has been strip-mined of all its mysteries, imagine if there were still priceless artefacts buried like acorns beneath the topsoil. Potentially in our own back garden, or under the pavement. Imagine if the planet we’ve spent our lives married to was still capable of surrendering anecdotes we’d never heard. What if you didn’t need any special credentials to chase these ancient heirlooms, just bull-headed curiosity, a penchant for throwaway one-liners, and a handful of friends who didn’t mind helping you out every time you tumble over a ledge, painfully dislocating a shoulder in the process?

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floetry1012432d ago

Nailed it with this quote:

"As thrilling as the action segments prove, if you’re looking for Uncharted 3 to keep a nonstop dosage of adrenaline flowing into your IV drip, you may grow fidgety at times. Several key sequences in the game, including an early flashback that finds Drake poking around a Colombian museum and trailing a slow-moving target, slacken the game’s pace deliberately. Uncharted 3 builds resonance into these pauses for breath. A late-game meander across sprawling sand dunes takes its precious time resolving, which allows Drake’s sense of dislocation to fully take root. Naughty Dog understands the power of dynamic contrast. These artfully sculpted doldrums add emotional depth and render the game’s high-flying action moments that much more transcendent."

Something that isn't really discussed by the gaming community. Pacing. Naughty Dog have always melded the rhythm of gameplay with story beats perfectly.

Very pointed of Edge to mention it.

baodeus2432d ago

totally agree. This is one thing i think ND pay attention to. Many game seems to just focus on endless action (it is fun, but not enough time to absorbe the story or anything). People feel worn out by the time the game end. Gonna be one stellar game.