GamePro: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Here's a not-so-bold declaration: The Uncharted games are our generation's Indiana Jones films. Just as we once recalled scenes when Indiana blew up that tank or escaped that rolling boulder trap, we'll begin to reference Nathan Drake's survival of a train wreck or his blowing up of a Hind or his epic fight from a cargo plane's open door. Make no mistakes -- Drake's Uncharted games have become cultural touchstones.

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Agent Smith2337d ago

One more week. Can't wait to play this.

Dante1122337d ago

YAY! Uncharted 3 is doing well.

Baba19062337d ago

how is 5/5 from gamespot well haha =D its doing amazing.

perfectCarbonara2337d ago

haha, last week I would have sworn Arkham City would be GOTY. Now I'm not so sure.

Vandamme212337d ago

I'll be getting this game along with Batman Arkham city and Sonic Genrations.

Shazz2337d ago

this is fooking sweeeeeeet , uc3 goty baby

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