Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3: Bulletstorm

In the penultimate installment of this series, Player Affinity writes: " See that giant cactus plant thing? Kick a guy into it and it’ll eat him, giving you a nice chunk of points. Does Battlefield 3 have giant, man-eating cactus plants? I think not. The game rewards you for getting creative and coming up with as many outlandish ways to ‘Kill With Skill’ as you can- bounce foes off walls, into the air so you can juggle them with bullets, onto environmental hazards… there are literally hundreds of possible ways to kill in Bulletstorm and it’s a blast finding them all. Unlike Battlefield 3, which just wants you to, y’know, shoot some guys.

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Hellsvacancy2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Bulletstorm? lol, no thanks, the demo was terrible, i decided then and there that i wasnt even gonna rent it

Stupid article

dark-hollow2460d ago

Hey it's a great game... if you like excessive Amount of penis jokes.....

ATi_Elite2460d ago

Get the F outta here!!

I wouldn't play B-storm over CODMW2!!!

Actually i wouldn't play B-storm ever again after trying it....Nice PC graphics though!

x8002460d ago

bulletstorm was a grate game but play it instead of battlefild 3? thats a nono!

Hufandpuf2460d ago

what is with these articles? They make no credible sense.

BrightFalls762460d ago

I agree but only because I am not a fan of military shooters in the least. I've never understood the appeal but maybe that's just because I like a little more sci-fi/fantasy in my games. Battlefield 3 looks amazing for anyone who digs that series or those like it. I would take Bullestorm, Borderlands, Dead Space, Bioshock, etc... over it:)

franko2460d ago

Who the f**k is this moron that's writing this ???

Pintheshadows2460d ago

I asked that the other day. They really are pointless. I think he just hate BF3. Seems silly to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.