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GameTrailers - Uncharted 3 Review

GT: Does Drake's latest installment bound over the high franchise standard set by its predecessors? Find out in our Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception review. (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception) 9.5/10

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Michael-Jackson  +   1279d ago
Shocking considering that Uncharted 2 controversy and how they tried to justify it.
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dark-hollow  +   1279d ago
If you don't. Have a ps3 till now, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BUY ONE!!!
coolbeans  +   1279d ago
Shouldn't we, as a community, be more shocked that a gaming site has to justify why they gave a game a 9.3? People practically hanged them for that score, as if they tried to make it out as an atrocity against gaming.
Papertiger  +   1279d ago
It became an atrocity when they cited that the SOLE REASON Uncharted 2 would receive such a score and not ANY HIGHER was because as great as it was, it did nothing original, and having no originality would not get you any higher than that.

Only to have Call of duty modern warfare 2 get a 9.5 despite not being outlandishly more original and newer than its predecessor. THATS why people hanged them. Rightfully so.
guigsy  +   1279d ago
Exactly, it's their opinion, just goes to show the ignorance of some people believing they have the right to dismiss it as "wrong".
coolbeans  +   1279d ago

You're playing a comparison game between an FPS's score and a TPS's score (AND only BEING a .2 difference!). tbh, I can't recall another FPS that had the pseudo-future militaristic weapons of MW2. Ex. : Drone attacks, plethora of different attachments, etc. All minor-most definately-but I think people tend to ignore these aspects since they'll harm their arguement.
MoreRPG  +   1279d ago
what controversy U2 got a 9.3
btw a 9.5 great score and make sense since the game looks better than U2 wich was an awesome game

on a side note i find funny how people always said there is a conspiracy against PS3 exclusives
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dark-hollow  +   1279d ago
There is no conspiracy.
Only insecure fanboys who think every exclusive on their favourite platform should have 9.5+
Pintheshadows  +   1279d ago
9.3 is 93%. If I got that in a test i'd be dancing all over the shop.
TripleAAARating  +   1279d ago
I approve this ^_^
Apocwhen  +   1279d ago
Excellent score. Looking forward to playing through this next week.
Sizzon  +   1279d ago
wow, great :D

GT gave U2 9.3 btw :)
Apocwhen  +   1279d ago
For anyone who's watched the review, does it contain any spoilers?
I don't really want to watch if it does.
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thong_pounder  +   1279d ago
don't watch any video I'm sure something will be spoiled for you
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CynicalVision  +   1279d ago
Finally, a PS3 game breaking the 9.3 curse of Gametrailers.
despair  +   1279d ago
LMAO just checked and you're almost right, no PS3 game over 9.4 (LBP and KZ3 got 9.4s) until now lol.
OllieBoy  +   1279d ago
Killzone 3 got a 9.4

PS3 has had quite a year.
UP  +   1279d ago
In case no one knows this. Shane was the one that did the review. He is also the one that said that a game like Uncharted 2 will never get above 9.3. So I guess Uncharted 3 does something different that Uncharted 2.
RandomDude655  +   1279d ago
lol...."U2 does nothing new, so we can't score it higher"
"Our game of the year is MW2"
VvKILLAGOOSEvV  +   1279d ago
I don't mind it myself, looking forward to the game, but anyone wonder why are all of the Uncharted 3 reviews dropping today of all days...I mean, isn't this suppose to be BF3's big day?
Apocwhen  +   1279d ago
I'm not sure but games published by Sony don't seem to have as strict embargo times as other publishers. The embargo's seem to lift about a week before release.

And I guess with a game as good as UC3 there's nothing to worry about really.
gamerwiips360  +   1279d ago
The Barrioer has been broken!
Congratz Naughty Dog, It takes something special to achieve that score in GT for a ps3 exclusive!!
Papertiger  +   1279d ago
Lol. I remember 2 years ago they defended their Uncharted 2 9.3 score to high hell saying that a game that does NOTHING original doesn't warrant a higher score, and then turned around two weeks later to give Call of duty mw2 a 9.5.

Its nice to see that they've dropped the senseless act and given Uncharted 3 a justified score.
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despair  +   1279d ago
I must say Gametrailers have improved substantially since those days. I now trust their reviews more than any other site, they have yet to steer me wrong.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1279d ago
looks good, seems like it will be just like the others. my only gripe with these titles is the lack of variety in the sp. go from point a to point b killing everything in between. jump here and there. its like a cod campaign but with much more story in fact prob the best story telling in gaming.

wont top bats, dark souls or skyrim for me but will be number 4 which is still very good considering its competition.
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Kingdom Come  +   1279d ago
I Rarely acknowledge Gametrailers.com as great game reviewers, I mean Modern Warfare 2 received a 9.5.
NewVegasTroop  +   1279d ago
OMG i just went on to n4g and all of the sudden there are all this reviews of unchrated 3 and all above 9, going to check out metacritic right now
Nac  +   1278d ago
What exactly was their criticism for UC3, again?

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