Knights of the Old Republic Retrospective

GameZone's Erich Sherman takes a retrospective look at Knights of the Old Republic and see how it stacks up to today's standards. He also predicts what will transfer over well to The Old Republic and what won't.

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athmaus2337d ago

cant wait for this game, but thena gain i have the nagging sensation to wait for Guild Wars 2

silvacrest2337d ago

well, im kinda in the same boat, i was so hyped for this when i first saw gameplay/cut scenes etc.... but for some reason my interest has diminished...

coolbeans2337d ago

This is still my fav. game of all time. I have confidence that TOR can deliver on the same level for MMO's as KOTOR did for movie-licensed RPG's.

Nac2337d ago

TOR is not KotOR 3, people seem to forget that. KotOR was/is my favorite game of all time. I will keep checking the stars for KotOR 3. Who knows, maybe one day...

coolbeans2337d ago

Although it's impossible to find the article now, Bioware themselves stated "TOR happening doesn't mean KOTOR can't happen" (not verbatim). KOTOR 3 can still happen.

Nac2337d ago

Well, thats good to hear.

vil3112337d ago

I would love for that to be true. Kotor is a masterpiece.