Joystiq: Uncharted 3 Review

The sequence of events that propels Uncharted 3 from start to finish has clearly been the subject of the same brilliant centrifuge which separated wheat from chaff in the series' previous outings. The moments of thrilling peril which punctuate Uncharted 3's every chapter have been daisy-chained together with exhausting proximity -- they're so close, in fact, that it's sometimes a little difficult to see the thread that ties them all together.

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Dante1122184d ago

Awesome score. I can't wait for UC3.

madden glitch2184d ago

I know!! I loved UC2, UC3 looks amazing!

madden glitch2184d ago

Who will be purchasing this Day 1? or Week 1?

Jobesy2184d ago

Hour zero, midnight launch baby!

DeeZee2184d ago

Anyone that loves great games, which should be everyone.

evilunklebud2184d ago

I will.....I hope it gets great traction.

madden glitch2184d ago

who's the fool disagreing with everybody? lol.

Trenta272184d ago

Great review. I hope they let Uncharted sit for a bit before going back to it. It should defiantly be one of the PS4's launch games. It would blow everything else away., just as it blows away most games now.

7sEvEn2184d ago

With the God of War series and now the Uncharted series I have never been more immersed in a video game story like I have with both of these games.