Battlefield 3 Reviews Are In

TheSixthAxis: I’ve given up moaning now about Battlefield 3 – it’s clear that unless EA thought you were happy enough to run a review from (the obviously superior) PC version, you weren’t getting a review copy.

Still, that hasn’t stopped lots of sites going live with reviews this morning, and – unsurprisingly – they’re all rather highly scored.

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Hellsvacancy2405d ago

IGN 9.0
Game Informer 9.5
JoyStiq 4.5/5
GameSpy 5/5
1 UP A-

Jobesy2405d ago

I think the console reviews will be lower scores than what we're seeing right now. Rightfully so, big difference between the pc experience and console experience.

Fil1012405d ago

I dont, consoles will get just as high scores. Your assumption is wrong, the console versions will NOT lose marks because it isnt as good as the p.c version each platform will be judged on... well each platforms abilities.

Hufandpuf2405d ago

how can it? even on consoles it's one of the best looking and playing FPS on console. It's just scaled down, but the game is the same in every way.

raWfodog2405d ago

I just think it's suspicious that EA doesn't want to put the console versions out for early review. We already know that the PC version is the definitive version but I thought they were trying to take sales from MW3. They can't do that if they don't hype the console versions as well.

SilentNegotiator2405d ago

(The early, high scored, EA approved) Battlefield 3 Reviews Are In

terrordactyl2405d ago

No, games get reviewed alongside their peers on that platform.

You don't mark a Fiat Punto down because it's not a Ferrari, it gets judged alongside the other cars in it's class. That's the whole point, reviews are their so that a platform owner can make an informed decision on which game to buy for his system.

It's not for pc owners to mutually masturbate over the 1 game they get each year that is optimised for pc.

jeseth2404d ago

I'm interested in the Console reviews especially after the reason IGN gave it a 9.0 was basically based on the MP. If the Console MP isn't as good or clean as PC then I wonder if they'll give it the same score . . .

Clearly a PC buy if you have the rig.

AntBoogy902404d ago

I agree.. when you get to max out the visuals.. that's when the game becomes extremely immersive. So the PC version will obviously be better.

As for the consoles being low in scores? Disagree.. as a game.. the gameplay is still there. The campaign is extremely satisfying, to say the least.

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iamnsuperman2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Honest I am very surprised with the scores. JoyStiq said "Taking only the campaign and the co-op into consideration, Battlefield 3 is a mess. It feels like a developer way outside of their comfort zone, trying to catch someone else's lightning in their bottle. It lacks any identity or soul." 1 UP said the story was "lackluster" and IGN said it felt like a different game. Its like these publication only scored the multiplayer. Its shocking how this game comes out which has a stellar multiplayer but clearly is way below par on the single player experience and still gets stellar scores. There is no consistency. It isn't a go at BF3 but more a go at the reviews. Not sure how joystiq can justify giving a score like that to a game which has half of the game being described as "a mess". I wouldn't have minded if the reviews were like the single player isn't the main selling point as isn't as good as the multiplayer and then give a score like 4.5 out of 5

C_Menz2405d ago

Battlefield 3 is not a SP game though, they could have just released MP and 99% of gamers would have been happy that are buying BF3. I am not even going to touch SP for a few months.

Pintheshadows2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I agree with you. Just because most buy it for the mp doesn't mean the campaign should be ignored. It's part of the game, whether you like it or not. It has to be taken into consideration. Why should Battlefield be different. I was going to buy it for the campaign. Now I don't think I will. A game of this hype and magnitude should be nailing both sides. No exceptions.

Shackdaddy8362405d ago

Well, if you look at it the other way, why should the review be low just because they decided to add extra content?

I mean, if they took out the SP, then it would have gotten even higher reviews than it already has. That's kinda messed up to me...

frostypants2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The simple reason for the high scores despite the single player is this: BF is a multiplayer game first and foremost. The campaign is just bonus, but the series has always been about online play. To dock points from the game for what amounts to an "extra" would be kind of silly, at least given a reviewer who is familiar with the series.

Anyone buying BF3 for the campaign is buying it for the wrong reasons. BF2 didn't even have one...neither did BF1942, BF:Vietnam, or BF1943. It's like they threw one in just to make the "Bad Company" fans happy (though I'd have loved BFBC2 even without the campaign as well).

jeseth2404d ago

Agreed ... if that "other" FPS had such an uneven balance people would be jumping all over it.

I'll wait until the word of mouth gets back to me form my friends and also the console reviews....I have too many games right now. Toys R Us Buy 2 get 1 free last night has me backlogged, Batman, Dark Souls, Resistance3, Ratchet & Clank, and Rage are all lined up. No time to throw money at this with Uncharted coming next week too!

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Kalowest2405d ago

Too bad i don't have money to but it :(

bwazy2405d ago

Get the f*** off your computer and get a job then.

sxbrady2405d ago

I have to wait til Thursday it not all bad,!

Kalowest2404d ago


Whats your problem?
You don't know whats going on in my life.
I'm in college right now, and I am looking for a job, so i can take care of my family.

jeseth2404d ago

Doubt it.

There are tons of jobs available, people just think they are too good for them or they should be paid more.

Basically why all our industry has gone overseas.

AntBoogy902404d ago


Wrong. Depends where you live.. i actually live in the most poverty stricken city in the country (Reading, PA).. and it's extremely tough for me to find a job.

Don't be so naive.

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Septic2405d ago

The Single player in BF3 is as important as MP is to Uncharted 3.

Seriously, its always been about MP for BF3- BF2 didn't even have a single player campaign.

Pintheshadows2404d ago

The thing is though by most accounts Uncharted 3 has done a great job on both. I probably won't invest to much in the MP but it's nice to know it's good for the people that will.

BF3 seems like it has a poor campaign. It shouldn't. It's one of the biggest releases of the year. DICE chose to have it so it should be to high standard.

Drazz2404d ago

I bought this for the campaign..... may put it on ebay after i beat it.

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Szarky2405d ago

Some damn good scores. Booked Wed. off work, gonna' be hittin' MP HARD as soon as I get home from work on Tue.

Shadowaste2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

only pc reviews are in, expect honest console reviews to be quite lower.

The Gameplay in single player is largely the same, but multiplayer, what the game is MADE for, is crippled on the consoles by poor performance, poor visuals, screen tearing, jaggies, but worst of all, a sense of desolation when running across the big(yet smaller than pc) maps and having only 12 enimies to look for.

On pc 63 other players are running around hoping into vehiclesm heck, theres more vehicles on some of the pc maps than total players on the console version.

Expect a lot of 8.5's for the console version, and that's them(reviewers) being nice .

Disagree with the truth as you cannot stand that everything stated is true. You'll see when you're running across caspian border for 5 min on your ps3/360 and you get sniped from 1000 yards and you have to run another 5 min just to get killed again, expect the most popular console maps to be the smallest ones.

The pc version will also unofficially support 128v128 players for the huge maps, and playing that, is just AWESOME!

eak32405d ago

So if I read one more PC elitist stroking their giant ego's one more time about this game can I stab myself in the eye? Seriously Shut the fuck up, everyone knows PC is better move on!!

frostypants2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Shadowaste apparently doesn't realize that the maps in BF games can scale to the number of players on the PC versions, and the console version of BF3 will reflect this. I.E., they won't make 24 players find each other on a 64 player map. They'll play on a map specifically designed for that.

I don't think he's ever played a BF game on any platform.

I have all 3 platforms but I am buying this on one of the consoles first. Why? Because there ARE advantages on consoles: a level playing field in that everyone uses the same controllers and has the same hardware, and not having to worry about junk like PunkBuster, and all the childish hackery that makes it necessary. Also, the Origin system on the PC is godawful. Why they think anyone would want to launch a game from a web page is beyond me...

Anyways, I've found that most PC elitists overestimate the inferiority of console versions. The experience really is usually pretty close.

I will also add that using a control pad makes it easier to transition to vehicles. On a PC you either are stuck with a mouse and keyboard, or have to clutter your desk with multiple control systems. You *could* use a control pad on the PC version, but you'd be at a disadvantage to the mouse users (i.e., the lack of uniform controllers on the PC that I mentioned).

Anyways, Shadowaste, enjoy your awesome PC experience, and console owners will enjoy theirs. I could argue the merits of PC gaming vs. console gaming with you so long that your ears would begin to bleed, but I'll just end this with one statement: you don't know what you're talking about.

evrfighter2404d ago

Agreed, shadow is dedinitely showing how green he is to battlefield. dice did a good job scaling maps to player size in bf2. I don't expect anything less in bf3

BigShotSmoov0072405d ago

Seeing that all those scores are for the PC version, it's going to be interesting to see how they differ to the PS3/360 version of the game, whenever those reviews come out.

MasterD9192405d ago

Waiting for the reviews AFTER the day 1 update...

Pandamobile2405d ago

Day 1 update is already live on PC.

MasterD9192405d ago

Doesn't even matter at this point as I have it pre-ordered and am most likely going to cave in and get it tomorrow morning....

I'm sure it is worthy.

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