GameSpot gives 8.5/10 to UT3

It's a very basic, straightforward package, but don't take that to mean that UT3 is a no-frills sequel. With its variety of modes and its occasionally crazy high-speed action, UT3 still feels very different than the typical first-person shooter coming out these days. On top of that, it's very exciting and just as much fun now as it has been in previous installments. UT3 has more than enough content to keep you busy, and with mod-making tools included in the package, the potential for more user-generated content in the future is certainly present.

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MK_Red3891d ago

Good score from GameSpot. They gave the previous game a 9.6/10 (UT2004) if I'm not mistaken but hey, that one was really big and special. Maybe UT3 is more of a UT2003 and so the real classic UT comes in form of UT4 / UT2008. Still, one hell of a fun game.

clownfacemcgee3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I think Gamespot is pissed because this is also a timed exclusive for the PS3. We all know Gamespot are massive fanboys. If Halo 3 got a 9.5, this game should at the least get a 9 by my judgement. Even just the demo was awesome on my craptastic PC. And I'm sure the full game is leagues better.

EDIT: I don't care how it compares to UT 2004. If UT 2004 was good, then why possibly screw it up by tweaking the gameplay too much? The graphics got an update, and the whole thing is incredible. You can't legitimately criticize it because the previous incarnation was good too. And 8.5 is a good score for most games, but they gave Halo 3 a 9.5 and I don't UT3 could possibly be 1 whole point worse. I expect equal judgement of all games. I don't think equal judgement is too much to ask for.

Time Lord3890d ago

"Front-end interface has too many menus and selections to move through, which makes it feel sort of like a console game."

lol, is that all? surly they must of had more. or why would u give it 8.5

hellraiser5013890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Have you played the demo its exactly the same as ut2004 except an updated graphics engine. I mean no new weopons, a couple new vehicles. About the only new gameplay aspect of the game is the hover board which sucks because if you get shot once you fall off in some ragdoll jesture and you become defenseless. What I'm trying to say is that it's not gamspot its the game itselt only adding very little from the previos installment. Besides since when is 8.5 that bad of a score.

tony3890d ago

you are right is a good score for that game sequel, but for some reason some gamers think that is a bad score. unreal tournament is not call of duty 4 or bioshock, these are almost perfect games.

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MK_Red3891d ago

Unlike the other story that I disagreed with you on Time Crisis 4, I'm actually with you on this one.
Halo 3 also had short singleplayer and good multiplayer. UT3 has them both plus original UT ideas and superb stunning graphics.

riqued3891d ago

It's a timed PS3 exclusive, so until its ready to go to the 360 they can't review it honestly.

tony3889d ago

well, i agree with that, halo 3 is not a 9.5. probably a 8.2.

PS3 Limps on and on3891d ago

it's not getting the scores I thought. I expected amazing 9.5 or something. Still, when a game gets NO lower than 8/10 and 9/10. It's a great game.

MK_Red3891d ago

I have a feeling that there should be one attention seeking idiot who would give 7 to UT3 just to get traffic and to make a name.

wil4hire3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Want Unreal to be a little different, but more of the same. Thats what makes the game great.

Its an amazing fast-paced shooter to just sit down and enjoy for an hour or more.

8.5/10 is a realistic score. I'm almost gaining respect back for Gamespot after the Uncharted 8 & the Mass Effect 8.5. If they really are getting back to understanding that 9/10 10/10 games = perfect with n o techinal issues or problems that have to be overlooked to enjoy the game, then Kudos to them.

I think this year no console has won. The reviewers have. Think about all the traffic "system wars" and "console wars" generates.

8's used to be good. and 9's used to be for games like Metal Gear/FInal Fantasy.

riqued3891d ago

And all that started with a certain company getting more marketing share on gaming.

We were all fine before that, reviewers weren't forced to give the scores the publisher wanted.

wil4hire3890d ago

yep.. and after this year and a few more months.. things will be back to normal.

I hope.

Shaka2K63891d ago

Regarless of reviews any true gamer knows that.

GameOn3890d ago

UT3 is im sure very differnt from gears. gears is a tactical shooter where cover and team work are very important. UT3 is a super fast, run n gun shooter with awsome grphics + style.
They are both great in their own different ways.

lawman11083890d ago

Shaka aka Narsim aka Shmee all the same idiot.

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