Nintendo 3DS Still Sony's Chief Competition

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Recently, we've stumbled across articles where the writers clearly state that smart phones, not Nintendo, are the greatest threat to Sony's PlayStation Vita.

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MasterCornholio2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Double post


MasterCornholio2375d ago

I agree but this time around Nintendo stumbled a bit with the 3DS and Sony is coming out strong with the VITA. However mainly due to price I believe that the 3DS will sell more than the Vita. The vita will do better than the PSP.

This will not be another DS vs PSP as many pros are claiming.

However due to smartphones and tablets the casuals will not buy either Nintendo's or Sony's handhelds.


Marceles2375d ago

I don't think phones will ever take the place of a central portable game system.

There's casuals that enjoy Nintendo games, I'm just interested to see what Sony will do to bring them to the Vita since Nintendo is a household name when it comes to portables.

PSP had casual games, but seemed like the system was also intimidating to casual gamers.

supremacy2375d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Ahh where I begin... The arthur goes on to ask the reader to throw the small casual stuff in the bin before saying Sony wants to continue replicating console experience on the go.

Thats contradicting if you ask me.

I mean isnt star fox and zelda oot, metal gear solid 3d, street fighter 4 console games? On the go?

Whats the difference.

Brain age changed the fate of the ds, but please dont make it sound like Sony doesnt have these types of games why simply google smart as, and realize that the vita simply caters to all types of gamers.

Nintendo in part is Sony's main competition, but theres a new elephant in the room. Its obvious Sony can see the elephant in the room and are trying to get some space.

The vita will be in retail shops next to Nintendo's products thats for sure, but we cant for get that those with the 3g model will have to deal with a carrier.

But agreed, Nintendo is to be considered after all they have been successful in this space.

danny8182374d ago

yeah he lost me when he compared gravity daze with pilot wings. Ignorant fool.