GameSpot gives 5.5/10 to Time Crisis 4

A bland first-person shooter mode does little to freshen up the stale taste of this aging light-gun series.

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MK_Red3960d ago

While I'm not a GS fan, I've got to agree with them on this one. Time Crisis 4's demo and playable version that they showed few weeks ago was terribly bland and looked awefull. Also as I said in other comment, it is definitly the ugliest looking game I've seen on PS3 which is shamefull and stupid. When a system can run Uncharted (Considered the BEST looking console game by many inclduing GT), it's really weak of Time Crisis 4 devs to make such a PS2 looking game.

beast3960d ago

I have this game there is no way its ps2 graphics, Yes its not UDF but its pretty damn cool and its gameplay provide complete different experience than anyother ps3 games. Co-op is trully unique and fun, its a game not just adult but little ones also love the mini game, again a must buy

MK_Red3960d ago

Well, that was just my opinion and also, I didn't play the final version. The demo version shown at GDC/TGS was really bad and looked really ugly. I hear there are some graphical upgrades and adjustments in the final product but what I saw back then seemed beyond repair.
But the game looks like another good example for varied and personal opinions. 8/10 from IGN, 7/10 from GSpy, 5.5/10 from GSpot and 3.5/10 from 1UP are more mixed reactions :)

Whoooop3960d ago

This game is giving Lair a run for its money....


Grassroots3960d ago

No, it surely can't be worse than Lair, worse rental ever.

Even asked for my money back. I'm a fan for the Time Crisis series but I think I'll be passing on this one.

picker3323960d ago

Like MK_Red sed,The ugliest ps3 game ever!
You can play through this kind of games in like 1/2hours.
But i don't know how long this game is,but eather way i dont want this game!
House of the dead 1 & 2 ,and time crisis 2 & 3 took like 1h even 45min,at least hotd.
Well no buy or rent for me!!!

Peace Out!

rushbd3960d ago

It'll sell like hot cakes in Japan. Giving PS3 another mighty boost

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The story is too old to be commented.