Haze out on December 4th?

It "appears" as if the release of PS3 exclusive Haze hadn't been delayed, but in fact, moved up. On the Official Playstation website of the U.S., Haze has been added to the Upcoming Games section with a December 4th release. Is there any truth in this? If so, this is all the sweeter for the gamers anticipating this title's release.

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SmokeyMcBear3958d ago

hahahaha... stupid delaystation...oh wait

toughNAME3958d ago

the thing is..

it was delayed first.

now theres a rumour of it being moved up

Hatchetforce3958d ago

Yes it has been a rocky start but smartass comments are all you have now. Ratchet, then Uncharted, now Unreal. it just keeps getting sweeter. I would rather have Haze after it is delayed than not at all. It is called Xbox because Haze was X'ed off that platform.

ruibing3957d ago

Well Midway had the financial report of UT3 for the PS3 delayed, but UT3 just went gold and is coming in mid-December. I really think its too early to say it has gotten delayed from a mere financial report since they need to be conservative or they could get in trouble.

Douche3957d ago

For those who missed it, Haze was never officially delayed. The implications of the Ubisoft financial report are irrelevant. The UK Forums Manager of Haze commented in response to the report saying that there are no such delays. I have a feeling that man is grinning right now thinking to himself, "They think our game is delayed, when in fact, we're gonna release this bad boy even earlier." Lol, wouldn't that be cool. Don't be surprised if this is true.

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Douche3958d ago

I hope you guys can approve this as the rumor it is. Before you end up saying it, this shouldn't be reported as "spam" or "wrong source" seeing as this was the only url I could give you to show proof. And it does say it, so it is either true or a misprint by the site. So take it as you wish, and please leave hate and fanboyism out of it. Please resist. I appreciate it.

PS3 Limps on and on3958d ago

They said it was delayed into a different quarter, but that quarter begins in December.

So I'm confused, until I hear an official word I have no clue when the game is coming out.

[email protected]3957d ago

It was delayed launch a PDF yesterday with the info that confirm it :'(


Boink3958d ago

ubisoft already annouced the official delay.

nobody told the website is all...

PS3 Limps on and on3958d ago

Where does it say Haze is delayed? Once set for December now March?

Boink3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

it has been moved to fiscal q4, which is from jan to mar 08.

not coming in december at all.

and here is the official ubisoft financial report in PDF for any remaining doubters, just search for haze.

tethered3957d ago

@ Boink
I see what you are talking about but the PDf looks to be for Europe.

I don't see the US - $ sign anywhere there.

I don't really care one way or the other to tell you the truth.
I planed on picking this game up later anyway.

gamesblow3958d ago

I'm so sick of no one having the right story... Haze is delayed... no it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. It's pushed up. It's pushed back... It's pushed up your alls ass cracks, if you ask me. I'm not buying Haze on principal now. Unreal 3 is the last FPs I buy until Resistance comes out. I'm sick of FPS. It's an over crowded market where the ratio of good FPS to bad is like 3%... 97% of all FPS are average to bad. There are only 2% being good and 1% being great. Simple as that. Haze will fall into the 97% category, I'm sure of it.

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