Naughty Dog 'honoured' by Tomb Raider's new direction

IncGamers: Uncharted 3 devs "want to bring to the industry up and raise the level of the games".

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JellyJelly2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

"When we caught up with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's lead game director, Justin Richmond, we asked him about the new direction of Tomb Raider and how it feels to be imitated by such a genre-defining franchise."

Tomb Raider "imitating" Uncharted? Seriously?

@alldayeveryday - I don't agree with that. Uncharted is definitely inspired by Tomb Raider but it has raised the bar for third person action games with its quality. Still, saying Tomb Raider imitates Uncharted is just ignorant.

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CynicalVision2375d ago

Sure, Tomb Raider has been around for much longer than Uncharted. However you can't deny that the new game has taken a few pages from Uncharted.

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Misterhbk2375d ago

Well Tomb Raider games of the past certainly had a completely different look and atmosphere about them. The game definitely looks like it was inspired by Uncharted in many aspects.

Yes Uncharted was inspired by Tomb Raider as well, nothing wrong with things going both ways.

Baka-akaB2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

er call him ignorant them ...

Karl Stewart of Crystal Dynamics :
"Uncharted influences everyone's game not just Tomb Raider. How can it not? You don't get better then 30+ game of the years."

Without going as far as copy , they arent denying some inspiration . Especially when both series had very little in common before the reboot , beyond themes and some cues from TR as well .

wenaldy2375d ago

Maybe in interactive cinematic manner, few others might say Uncharted is inspired by Indi Jones, not Tomb Raider.

A-Glorious-Dawn2375d ago

wouldn't indy have inspired them both?

news4geeks2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

You're an idiot jelly. Just because Uncharted took inspiration from tomb raider it doesn't then follow that a future tomb raider release cannot take inspiration from uncharted. Your logic is that of a 5 year old kid, no joke. Saying this new tomb raider isn't imitating uncharted is beyond ignorant.

I'm actually disappointed at this blatant rip off of uncharted by tomb raider because I enjoy a good puzzle game.

despair2375d ago


The new Tomb Raider not the old ones, its clear that they took cues from the Uncharted series if you saw the gameplay piece at E3. Think and make sure you know what you're talking about before you go on a rant.

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GamersRulz2375d ago

ND are sure classy guys, they always show respect to competition and they don't hesitate to share ideas and help improving the industry as a whole.

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LondonMediaOS2375d ago

Very humble is Naughty Dog.

Etseix2375d ago

Buy Uncharted 3 i must.

coolbeans2375d ago

Many of their fans should try walking in their footsteps.

M1chl2375d ago

Even if Naughty Dog make shitty games, I would love them. They are so humble and nice. I said it here few month back, but how many games did have names of other devs in ending titles? And whats more, they have there devs like bungie, epic (well kind of exlusive to X brand) which works exlusivly for competitors. Stay awesome ND, you've made a awesome games and you don't act like a superstar. Thats one thing you really don't see every day...

A-Glorious-Dawn2375d ago

I agree I am a fan of the team since my Crash 1 became one of my all time favourites.

Also to all, if you haven't watched the making of Uncharted 2 which is on the game disk you simply must.
ND are so charismatic.

slutface2375d ago

I wonder what MS thinks of ND

DigitalRaptor2375d ago

Good question.

Probably pissed off that the best exclusive PS3 has to offer is better than its direct competitor this year!

Having said that, Gears 3 sold huge numbers so, they probably don't give a sh*t!

slutface2375d ago

but at the end of the day...epic is multiplatform and ND the burning question still is was does ms think of nd?!?!?!? im dying to know!

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