PS Vita is more expensive than a PS3... will you still buy one?

PlayStation Vita's UK pricing and release date have been officially announced and at £229 (£279 for the 3G model), Sony's flashy handheld is more expensive than a PlayStation 3. So, will you still be buying one?

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disturbing_flame2375d ago

A new phone is more expensive than a 360 or a PS3, does it mean you won't buy a new one ?

fluffydelusions2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

And an iPod touch is the same price as a 360 and more expensive than a Wii. OT, will I buy one? Yes I will thank you for asking.

NewMonday2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

It's about "value" not "price", and I think the PSV is the right value.

And going by recent Sony surveys, buying games digatly will save lots of money in the long run.

eraursls842374d ago

@newmonday, only if you buy games day one. I only buy a few games at full retail price. Most other my PS3 games have been picked up for $20 or less in retail stores or online but the downloads were still full price or just a small decrease in price. I'm waiting to see if download prices will drop the same as retail but I doubt it because they haven't wo far.

Marceles2374d ago

I could've sworn I saw an article for this already, and like newmonday, it's all about value. The Vita isn't like the older handhelds that used to launch at $150 and only play games, it's practically a portable PS3.

Probably all video formats compatible with PS3 will be with Vita, it's a backwards compatible PSP, MP3 player and more, OLED screen, internet browser, 2 built in cameras, more RAM than a PS3, Bluetooth, GPS, cross game chat, built in's perfectly priced.

Everyone was expecting it to be more expensive when it was announced, and now articles keep coming out asking if people think it's too expensive.

newleaf2375d ago

A new phone does so much more than a console can. Whats next? A new laptop? A new car perhaps?

Misterhbk2375d ago

a phone does so much more? You mean makes calls right?

Cause I can check my email, browse the web, play MUCH better games, use map quest, and just about everything else that a phone can do. Just face it, phones are big time over priced, yet we all still buy them.

Oh and btw, the Vita can do a number of things the home consoles can't and can pretty much do everything they can.

Does your phone have an OLED screen? does your phone have a quad core in it? Didn't think so, and the Vita still cost less.

dark-hollow2375d ago

A lot of phones have oled displayes and some in fact are higher resoultion than tje vita display.
Quad core will come by the end of the year or maybe a lil bit later.

Saying that, no phone will ever compete with the vita gaming capabilities.

SuperM2375d ago

By the end of the year? Certainly not this year, maybe next if your lucky.

f7897902374d ago

For god sakes I will demolish the company that first puts a quad core in a phone. I WANT BATTERY LIFE! Not the ability to run every app on my phone in the background and play a 3d game for 30 minutes before the battery dies!

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TheEatingVodka2375d ago

You, the guys that agreed with you, and the ones that commented to you are all retarded..
He compared the Vita to the PS3 because they are BOTH gaming consoles..
The PS3 is more powerful yet it costs less, so why would a sane person buy the PSVita?

Phi395822375d ago

Honestly.....I can't play my PS3 when I'm taking a crap....thats why.

BlmThug2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Because one is portable and the other is not. One is a home console and as stated before the other is a portable gaming device

Blaine2375d ago

Even if they're both consoles doesn't mean you're not comparing apples to oranges. The PS3 is a *home* console, the Vita is a *portable* console. Voila, comparisons voided.

It's completely normal for a new console to be more expensive than the older one. Especially if said new console has an OLED screen and has processing capabilities that near the console's.

If anything comparing a new phone to the Vita actually makes more sense than comparing the Vita to the PS3 anyways.

Nicaragua2375d ago

Why would a sane person even compare a PSV to a PS3 - they are totally different things.

Wh15ky2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


My laptop is less powerful than my desktop yet it was slightly more expensive.

I think the advantages and disadvantages of each system are pretty bleeding obvious and it's your comment that is "retarded".

@ below

I'm not sure which of your comments is more "retarded"!

TheEatingVodka2375d ago

@Commenters above, how on earth is the PSVita portable?
Would you actually go outside and play it while waiting to the bus? Where would you put it later? I don't think it's gonna fit in your pocket..
I remember the PSP was already pretty big and this one is even bigger..

The truth is, you will all play it inside your house which makes my point valid.

remanutd552375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

at TheEatingVodka you sir have made one of the dumbest comments i have ever seen on this website , where does it say the system has to be connected to a tv or monitor in order to be use ? it is a portable gaming device , you can play it while you are outside , on the train , on the bus , walking on the park , while taking a shiat , almost everywhere you go , it may not be able to fit in a tight pocket , might be able to fit in loose pockets but it certainly will fit on backpacks , ps3 is a home console , ps vita is like a portable ps3 , where you gonna have features the ps3 doesnt even have and will probable never get , like Near , GPS , cross game voice chat , multitouch display ( front and rear ) apps like twitter , facebook , foursquare and probably youtube so yea i will be paying $299.99 for the playstation vita

TheLastGuardian2374d ago

Because I already have a PS3 and I buy every new PlayStation system no matter what.Even if your not a huge Sony fan like me, how can you resist the PS Vita? It looks like the greatest gaming handheld ever and it's fairly priced. It's going to succeed.

UltraVegito2374d ago


What You just typed is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever read, at no point in your rambling incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational response.Everyone on this page is now dumber for having read it. I award you no bubble ups and may god have mercy on your soul.

nycredude2374d ago

Umm I seem to rememember Kaz and the dude who who is making a bioshock game on vita pull the vita out of their pocket at E3. It appears to be portable to me.

Maybe I am delusional.

knifefight2374d ago

Because I play my PSP on my breaks at work, on the train I take to work, and on the bus I take to work, and on the ferry I take to work.

I play portables way more than consoles, because they fit my lifestly. I work all over the place and use public transit exclusively.

I'd like to see you try and wheel a PS3 hooked up to a TV onto the boarding ramp of the Jumbo Ferry, hahaha XD

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TheDareDevil2375d ago

A Phone is primarily used for making calls and sending messages. A PS Vita's basic functionality is to play games, albeit on the go.
It depends on the user if he/she really needs a separate device to play games on the move, when a phone can offer the same and much more. The games releasing on the Vita and a phone will be different, but when you are on the move, time is limited and you mainly play games to kill time.

Anon19742375d ago

I'm still not sold on the Vita. Looks outstanding, but my PSP has remained untouched for a couple of years now. I just don't find myself carrying it around anymore, unless I find myself taking a long plane trip. Otherwise, my android phone fills the game gap when I'm hanging out in lineups or waiting at the dr's office or something.

I'd love to have one, I just don't know that I'd ever carry it around and play it. I think that's something Sony and Nintendo really have to worry about this mobile platform gen. No one wants to carry around more devices than they have to, and most people always have their phones on them. I really think they have an uphill battle this time around - and it may be the last generation of dedicated, mobile game platforms we ever see.

StarWolf2374d ago

i wont. i still have my 3 year old phone

Biggest2374d ago

Sucks for you. Three year old phones are old.

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Optical_Matrix2375d ago

I new phone is more expensive than a PS3. A tablet is more expensive than a PS3. The argument that Vita is more expensive than a PS3 is invalid. The device is made with 2010-2011 hardware. PS3 has been on the market for 5 years and the Hardware is about 6 years old. As the hardware ages, the value goes down.

For £229 Vita is a steal. Got my Wi-Fi Edition on pre-order. Haters gonna hate.

CynicalVision2375d ago

A new product costing more than a 5-6 year old product doesn't really seem that strange to me.

52pickup2375d ago

Bubbles for common sense.

2375d ago
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