UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Way of the Iron Fist

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"Believe it or not we’re now in the final week of the Subway Taste for Adventure, UNCHARTED 3’s full competitive Multiplayer experience! Not only are we in the single digits as we countdown the days until the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, but we also recently revealed our launch trailer and the final UNCHARTED 3 TV Spot. If you haven’t watched those be sure to check them out!

We hope you’ve found your time online playing the Uncharted 3 full competitive multiplayer experience enjoyable and wanted to share a video that includes hints on how to effectively use melee, cover, evasion, aiming, and other skills while playing multiplayer."

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DA_SHREDDER2337d ago

I'm not arguing with the scores, but I have to say that the multiplayer was good, but nothing really special. Sure they could tweak alot of things such as adding a real hardcore mode, add more boosters, and levels ect.... The thing is the online didn't feel satisfying. Don't get me wrong, Im sure the single player is above and beyond anything ever to come out, and I say that with complete confidence. But they really need to take the online multiplayer a step further. It's bad enough there are only like 5 guns, all of which you have to empty an entire clip to kill someone with. Also, the hip fire needs tweaking bad.