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GamerFitNation's Deshondat writes a review on Harmonix's Dance Central 2 for the Xbox 360 via Kinect. Dance Central 2 is the sequel to what I believed to be the best game available for the Kinect. The first Dance Central brought innovation and a genuine fun-factor to the Xbox 360. Not only that, but it showed that dancing games aren’t just about stepping on directional arrows on a floor mat any more.

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xPhearR3dx2461d ago

Damn a 10?

I hate dancing games, but from what I heard Dance Central is one of the best.

BLACKBIBLE2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yup it is, gives you the a chance to read the movement before you have to do it. Plus good for fitness.

evilunklebud2461d ago

The first one was pretty good for the young ones (or drunk adults at parties... good fun).

GamersRulz2461d ago

Congrats ND, oh wait...this is not Uncharted 3 , sorry got carried away with the flood of 10s

52pickup2461d ago

I actually lol at that comment,even if people are fanboys or haters,you can't deny this was a funny comment!

bubbles for funny!

GamersRulz2461d ago

gaming 4 all bro

+bub back

M1chl2461d ago

Thats basicaly what I was thinking. Running down the page cheering at all those 10/10 for Uncharted a sudden wild 10/10 appears to be for Dance Central 2. Anyway, I got both games preordered, so I am ready for whole awesomness gaming industry can offer : D

Clayman2461d ago

At first I thought this was an Uncharted 3 review by just looking at the score. lol

optimus2461d ago

well, i got this game 2 days ago and don't think it deserves a 10. the tracklist alone is enough to not warrant a 10. plus they charge you to import the tracks from the 1st which should also deplete it's "perfect" score...i'm not saying the game is bad, just not a perfect 10.