How To Ensure You'll Get A Catwoman Code With Batman: Arkham Asylum

Critical Hit!: "Every brand new copy of Batman: Arkham City is supposed to come with a voucher to download additional story mode levels where you play as Catwoman, designed to entice you to buy the game new, rather than just rent it or buy it used.

Unfortunately, not every brand new copy actually does come with the code. Some gamers have been discovering vouchers without codes printed on them, while others have find no voucher at all. WB Games initially estimated the number of people effected to be “less than 0.05 percent of total units sold,” and asked that anyone experiencing problems contact customer support.

However, for anyone who has attempted to contact customer support since, it’s become apparent that either WB Games’ support is understaffed, or the issue is more widespread than they initially estimated."

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S_C2429d ago

Well i rented it from blockbuster opened the case and the catwoman dlc code was there for me to take dvantage of, lets just say that they are a code down.

TheGameFoxJTV2428d ago

Same, I rented it, but didn't finish it in time, so I'll just wait until I have the cash for the PC version.

S_C2428d ago

Same here i got up to the part where you have to fight joker and all his gang to try and get the cure (or just after you got it, i cant remember exactly now). I probs wont get it now as BF3 is out friday and then MW3 so they will last me a good chunk of time along with the games ive got now . I guess the disagrees are because i rented it, my response to that is that i had never played arkham asylum (or any other batman game for that matter) so wasn't prepeared to pay 40 quid on sumthing i wasn't sure id would like. but got to say it was a good game while i had it

OrbMalmot2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

If you read the article to the end, you'll get to discover that a famous brand of game resellers got the right to print codes for people who buy the game... used.

Now if anybody still cares to elaborate on why this peculiar merchandising practice is good for us game buyers, please do.

Still not buying it btw.

kma2k2429d ago

You know what ive been saying this for years, if they want to get money from gamestop then fine go right ahead & work out a deal with them, dont screw the customers. Thats all the DLC thing is a way for them to get money from gamestop. Next time just blackmail them ahead of time & stop it with these single player dlc codes! I loved arkham city but am still pissed at the dlc thing, not only that but they rub your damn face in it every time you start the game, they ask are you sure you dont want to pay us $10 man its bs!

digitaleraser2429d ago

I just can't believe that, despite codes being given out for used copies, WB is still making purchasers of new copies jump through hoops when theirs is missing. Its like, really? Why not just make the DLC free for a month or two, rather than overworking your customer service people.

sickshot692428d ago

i would hate to be in that one of the people that got sold that 0.05%

Quagmire2428d ago

Screw this. I'm waiting for the GOTY edition.